Story Behind The Song

After a few months break I've decided to come back with this.

Song Description

A powerful orchestral piece

Song Length 2:48 Genre Classical - Contemporary, New Age - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Subject Power, Heart Era 2000 and later

Very nice, relaxing and soothing.

Guitar and orchestra. Great combination here. Simple to mystical developing. Beautiful mixture of styles and feelings. You bring it to a height with the voices ending the chordal mixture is interesting and reminds me of the style I like too. A melody can be developed in many interesting ways using imaginative chords. Yes! I agree.

The guitar notes at the start are haunting. I am glad I got to hear this piece!
The way you have built up to that drum stroke around 1:50 and 2:10 is impressive.
Builds into a nice epic song. Like a warrior returning from battle, broken but victorious.
All the best!

Gorgeous, but very dark composition and arranegment

Simple catchy intro, the choral/vocals come in just at the right time. Good idea not having them there too long, adding the layer on the bottom end after the voices leave, or making it stand out more at least was a great idea. Then having them come back but adding in that low end together, very good layering.

Fantastic feel, well-arranged. Really marketable!

I like the way this song makes the mind drift. It is very dynamic and has a spiritual feeling to it. The arrangement is excellent. This is great listening music. It is very relaxing and thought provoking. Nice stuff. Keep it up!!!

The first thing that jumps out at me is the harmonic structure of this piece. Beautiful. I really enjoyed that cloud as the vehicle on which to take this journey.

The instrumentation is quite nice. I'm pondering what else I would use if I arranged this for a different recording. I can think of no other instruments except those used here. I'm enamored of the instrumentation.

The arrangement is powerful. Good structure. (build, instruments added at crucial times, etc)

Thank you.

Hugely atmospheric from the very start. Spanish-style guitar triplet flourish gives it an exotic feel that could transpose itself onto soundtracking for Middle East/Moorish/even sci-fi or Western programs. Didn't expect the positive/major chord resolution, which is a nice twist.

Spanish guitar with synths, choir, ambient beautiful soundtrack work.

enjoyable. haunting and elegant. nice choral arrangementbut i did not score on lyrics.

This song, for, me, has spanish/arabic influence. The addition of voices gives grandiosiness (?)to the song.

good feel spiritually uplifting track. I love the guitar tone. Precision Orchestra

I loved the drama in the tune and it developed like an exciting trip into the unknown. There is some excellent musicianship and the different instrumentation was clever and uplifting. This would be great as a short sound track in a film and overall it left me feeling moved and adventurous. I think this would be great as an introduction to a television progamme also.

Great Development, would make a good film score

Music Ian Ritchie Producer Ian Ritchie
Publisher Ian Ritche Performance Ian Ritchie

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