Cry Of The Vikings

Story Behind The Song

My thoughts of how a warrior's feelings might be like while travelling to battle.

Song Description

I've had a long interest in the Vikings and thought it would be good to try a song about the feelings, so came up with Cry Of The Vikings.

Song Length 4:56 Genre Rock - Alternative, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Subject Power, Evolution Similar Artists Nightwish
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

Very enjoyable track to listen to, the sonic dynamics are professional and the string real give it the feel that takes it over the top!I see this in the up coming Superman movie.
LC team

dark opening vibe pulls you in, Orchestral over tones add real depth. This is very interesting piece of music. I can hear so many film applications for this piece. I'm really loving it so beautiful and moving. WoW Great depth and great feel and great breadth of emotion. I'm just very impressed OMG

really a good song... I would call this movie material

The overall production of this track is outstanding. The instrumentation is on point. I really like the "vocal chorus" effect. This track hit when necessary and backs off when needed. I get the feeling of a Dungeons and Dragons type vibe with the Orc chanting. This would work great in a video game of that type, or a movie of that type. Great quality and execution! Great job!

Could be used as background music to a action/fantasy/sci-fi movie

A very powerful and unique piece of music! Like it!

Really good sound here. What I love the most are the stark contrasts, from heavy to light and back again. Love it just past the 2 minute mark. Just when it seemed like the heaviness was here to stay, the piano comes along, followed by a great chorus. I don't know why this piece wouldn't be very useful in something like a Star Wars movie or a thriller or even a horror film. Great work!

Perfect for film. I imagine warriors getting ready for battle. They touch photos of their loved ones after gearing up for battle. The emotion given is very delightful.

Music Ian Ritchie Producer Ian Ritchie
Publisher Ian Ritchie Performance Ian Ritchie

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