Story Behind The Song

Song of love lost forever, regret, and reflecting on fate

Song Length 3:32 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Poignant Subject Sadness, Regret
Similar Artists Simon & Garfunkel Language English
Era 1970 - 1979



Stars shining lights in my memory
Years from now, when you back
WIll you remember me?
Two hearts set in motion
On the sand by the ocean

Someday, I will look through the morning mist
And I will remember your kiss

Stars, hung high in the sky
The waves on the sea
Do you still think of me?
And do the stars determine our fate?
Do we realize too late
That a moment like ours
Is lost in the stars?

In dreams, I've reached for you hand a thousand times
My mind keeps writing a song
Where nothing rhymes
My heart still must surrender
To moments, so sweet and tender

And the stars stay in my memory
The scars of a love that can never be

And the stars....

Very nice singing. Nice harmonies and overdubbing

Good vocal pitch and melody. I think it could be cool with drums and at a faster pace but overall good tune.

nice song, well done, in all respects.

Really enjoyed listening.

Very pleasant feel, nice lyrics, heartfelt sound, nice backing cello, lovely harmony in vocals, and a smooth on pitch vocal echoing sincerity. I like this allot! Lovely lift in chorus, and again that harmony well placed and sung. Nicely mixed as well.

Nice melody. Very catchy. Instrumentation is very professional and recorded to a high standard. Nice track.

This song is as sweet and honest as it gets. Such a poignant love song. The WAY it is sung is so precious and convincing. It immediately draws the listener in. I kept trying to figure out my favorite rhymes and there were too many to list. None of them are forced or trite. I found this song refreshingly original. The writer stuck to his theme and executed it beautifully. Instrumentation is a nice mix of guitar, keys, strings, nicely mixed. This song definitely has potential!

Very pretty melody and chord changes. I really liked the organic feel of the strings. I think the hook is quite strong and memorable. Good use of imagery in the lyric.

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
Producer Greg Johnson Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson Label None
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