Eternal Twilight

Song Length 4:37 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Jazz - Smooth Jazz


I still can feel her in the whisper of the wind
And the echoing of distant thunder
But she is gone now and she won't be back again
I can feel I'm going under

She was the only thing that made me feel alive
In the sea of darkness, she was my light
And now I'm drowning in the shadows of despair
And clouds of doom obstruct my sky light

I'm in eternal twilight
My world's an empty shade of gray
And there ain't nothin' can make this feeling go away
She's gone from my life
My heart is sinking like a stone
In this prison, I will spend my days alone

She brought me colors that my life had never known
I could not imagine what that dream cost
It only magnified my sad and empty world
I'm alone and I am lost

In eternal twilight.....

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
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