Half Moon Bay

Story Behind The Song

A beautiful piece of coastline in Northern California where I spent a lot of time in my teens......special memories.

Song Length 4:01 Genre Rock - Easy Listening
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Half Moon Bay

When I'm driving up on Skyline
And see that old, familiar hill
Sometimes I think of heading down there
But I know I never will
'Cause I'm afraid of what I'd see there
The reality I'd find
I know it'd never match the image
Painted in my mind
Some wonders just reveal themselves
To the eyes of seventeen
Through the clouded lens of older years
The hills don't look as green
As on those days
In Half Moon Bay

I remember Summer mornings
Heading over to the beach
No obstacle could hold us back
No star was out of reach
We were body surfing three-foot waves
We were riding grander schemes
And the music on the radio
Was the soundtrack of our dreams
"Taking it Easy" with the Eagles
Raspberries "Going all the Way"
And life was like a Summer fruit
Growing sweeter every day
As we made our way
To Half Moon Bay

Living in the moment
Taking chances just because
Truly being free
Before we knew what freedom was
Oh, there's nothing quite as pretty
As a sunset on the coast
Pastel waters, that's what I miss the most

When I'm driving up on Skyline
On a warm and sunny day
I'm 20 minutes from the ocean
I feel a million miles away
And I think about the simple life
That once that young man led
Many years before this tangled web
Was created in his head
And I'll always hold a little place
In the corner of the screen
For the part of me that still can see
Through the eyes of seventeen
And find the way
To Half Moon Bay

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
Producer Greg Johnson Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson Label None

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