Country Club Motor Lodge

Story Behind The Song

True story of a Motel in SLC, Utah in the 60's/70's which was owned by my grandmother.

Song Description

Song of the values of days gone by.

Song Length 3:16 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Country
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject Motels, Change
Similar Artists Don Henley, Lyle Lovett Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Country Club Motor Lodge (Singer/songwriter)

If you're driving highway 80
And the hour is getting late
In the heart of Salt Lake City
You can pull off the interstate
If you're in need of hospitality
Need a cozy place to stay
There waiting for you
Down on Parley's Way

There's a warm welcome in the office
Where the coffee's always hot
If it's been a real slow afternoon
They'll brew a fresh new pot
It's a place for weary travelers
In your Chevrolet or Dodge
Welcome to the Country Club Motor Lodge

It's just a small motel
But you'll be treated well
It's a trip back to a different time
When a candy bar was just a dime
And every time the phone would ring
A friendly voice was answering
It's hard to find a place like that these days

And if you want to grab a bite to eat
Just ask Darlene or Mabel
'Round the corner is Finn's restaurant
Where they set a real fine table
Finn show's his patrons service
Just the way he always did
The way his parents insisted it should be
When Finn was just a kid

It's just a small motel
But you'll be treated well
It's a trip back to a different time
When a candy bar was just a dime
Swing into the parking lot
In your chevrolet or Dodge
Welcome to the Country Club Motor Lodge

Welcome to the Country Club Motor Lodge

great work, keep carrying the light

Another great song from this Booming Artist! Liked the strings added very tastefully. Wondering how many of these little chickens are you hiding my friend?

I really liked the beginning pretty piano and voice reminded me of the Eagles desperado

I really liked it. Great performances on all parts, good story telling, great lonely atmosphere, and really authentic, had my mind conjuring up all kinds of images, thats good.. This is a real song! played and sung by a real musician. Thanks

Enjoyable Acoustic Piano vocal! Sometimes 'simpler' is better and this
vocal suits this! Keep it going!

Beautiful voice and piano.

Love this!! Don Henley style vocals

I have a feeling that I've reviewed 2 other songs by this artist just recently. This song follows in the footsteps of those 2 other songs I previously reviewed. A very good composition. Mixed and performed very well. The vocal quality and lyrics are very good. This song would also fall in the category of nostalgic tunes.
Quality material!

This is a very easy listening track nothing to excite me but for the lovers of this genre sounds fine
Sound is ok singing sounds right
It reminds me of many artists impossible to tell you one or two. Sounds like a common track to listen to, the melody and performance,
There is not a special part of the orchestration to write about
Lyrics also normal a typical love easy listening track

Is it a song or a commercial...or both? Either way, what a pleasant, easy-going, winsome song. Who wouldn't want to stay there after hearing this? Vocal is believably sincere. Word pictures prove that this songwriter made a fine lyric-writing effort here. If the place is for real, they ought to pay you for this song and play it in their office. This really describes the wonderful mom and pop motels that dot the country. Bravo!

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
Producer Greg Johnson Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson Label None
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