Himalayan Paradise

Song Description

"Meditation Music". The song revolves around the soothing tones of meditation bowls and is accented by melodies and lines from a Middle Eastern stringed instrument called a "Saz". All instruments are played live, there are no loops or samples on this track.

Song Length 5:24 Genre World - Asian, World - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Peaceful, Tranquil Era 2000 and later

This sounds like it belongs in a movie (in a good way!). Nice performance and well-played throughout. The mix is nice, with lots of space that sets a great mood. Good, clean recording and the production is solid.

This a unique worldbeat piece, It has captivating and beautiful arrangement with wonderful exotic percussion.

I love it............where's the the air coming from

Great vibey asian instrumental with cool flutes acoustic guitar and exotic percussion. Fun listen.

It is very touching to hear the creation of different creators . So many beautiful creations which leave a positive impact on the listener. .

wow it takes u to a different place soulfully ... like a cleansing of the soul ... impressive to put a perspective forward thru music ... nice talent i must say ... love the instruments .. what are they ?

dark sounding world track. would suit sountracks and movies and the such, has a suspense type dark deadly vibe to it.

I've felt like I have heard this song before...anyways, I could hear this on a video games. Love the flute and what I assume is a sitar or a zen. Gives a feeling of paradise.

Music David N Haddad - John Barritt - Orbel Babayan Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - John Anonymous - Orbel Babayan
Label Gruvpig Music
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