The Plans I Have for You by DeDe

Story Behind The Song

This song, co-written by DeDe, & Award-winning, Nashville 38 #1 hit songwriter/producer, Don Koch, is beautiful and inspiring. Originally based on Jeremiah 29:11-13, it's a crossover Adult Contemporary song: a lullaby of God's love. It also represents the love & protection a mother has towards her cherished child, or a husband has for his beloved wife; the words and melody are timeless and can apply to many situations where someone is watching over their loved one: nurturing and protecting them as they help to "plan" the good things that they will give them and will come their way in life. This is an affirming song of hope and love, a beautiful song that will inspire you!

Song Description

This song, over a year in the making, was originally conceived and written by DeDe. When DeDe decided to produce her CD project, "Love & Fairy Tales" (July 2013!) with Don Koch, he lent his expert songwriting and together the song blossomed into the beautiful lullaby of love you hear today. May this song bless you, and give you hope, joy, peace and comfort in this journey called life. This song is already charting in the top 15 on the CRW add charts on the Radio, and is expected to be a big song.

Song Length 3:59 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, Serene Subject Hope, Joy
Similar Artists Sarah Mclachlan, Amy Grant Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Plans I Have for You by D. Wedekind & D. Koch
Copyright 2013, ASCAP & BMI

For I know the plans I have for you
Plans to give you hope and a future too,
You will find your joy and strength renewed
When you call on My Name

When you call Me I will answer
When you need Me I'll be there,
I will love you and protect you
I long to hear your,
Your every prayer.

For I know the plans I have for you
Plans to fill your heart and your mind with truth,
There's no darkness that can cloud your view
When you call on My Name

My love is deeper than the ocean
My arms stretch out across the seas
My heart has only one desire
To hold you close yet,
Set you free.
Set you free...

For I know the road that leads you home
It's the way, the truth that guides your soul,
So be strong for you are not alone
When you call on My Name

When you call Me I will answer
When you need Me I'll be there,
I will love you and protect you
I long to hear your,
Your every prayer.

I long to hear your every prayer.

A really love song with great vocals. The melody is peaceful and comforting. Great job!

God Bless you in every way. Anointed voice and hopeful song.
Mixed and mastered beautiful. Free Indeed! Best to you and yours.

This is just awesome.... I would listen to this everyday. Beautiful, inspiring just awesome.!
Voice is beautiful!

Vocals are soothing and sweet - sounding!! Great lyrics/ instrumentation!! Nice job!!

Lyrics Deborah Wedekind & Don Koch Music Deborah Wedekind, ASCAP IPI #652571541
Producer Don Koch Publisher DP Marketing Diva Prince Productions, ASCAP IPI #685086802
Performance Deborah Wedekind Label Diva Prince Productions
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