My name is Anne Marie Bush, a Danish singer-songwriter/recording artist/producer. Been based out of L.A for 8 years working with producers/songwriters like Narada Michael Walden, Michael Caruso, Greg Phillinganes, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Robbie Buchanan, Michael Thompson, Bruce Gaitsch, Deekay Music, Tommy Denander, Robert Palmer. BV for Britney Spears 2002. Engaged to several projects as a songwriter & vocal coach. Released all my music/videos at my own Record label, AMB Records & made it to the official Top 10 & dance charts for several weeks. Several nationwide TV shows & lots of radio shows, airplay & hot rotation at DR P4.. Toured with L'Oreal. Released my past albums UnZipped Trilogy 2015-17. Running my own recording studio in Cph where I write, record, produce & mix my own music. Been nominated for several awards: The Golden Kayak Awards in US for best RnB Song (U Belong To Me) & 3 awards for Midnight Bomb, recent single. (Best production, best song, best video)

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Pop/RnB/Hip Hop/Soul/Club/Funk/Jazz - New single release "Running Wild" which Anne Marie has written, recorded, produced and mixed in her own studio. Anne Marie has several hit songs released by major artists ww -Many of her songs have found their way to TV and movies, both in The US and in EU. Prior single Feel U was broadcasted in the amr. movie Every Day starring Helen Hunt & Liev Schreiber.
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AMB RECORDS; International music that HITS U!

INFO: Anne Marie Bush is a Danish singer-songwriter/vocal coach - Nominated for the Golden Kayak Awards in US - based in DK, Copenhagen.
She has worked with the top elite in the music business in LA, such as Narada Walden, Michael Caruso, Greg Phillinganes, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Peter Roberts, Robbie Buchanan, Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Michael Thomsen, Jeff Franzel, Pete Cornell, Deekay Music, Tommy Denander, Robert Palmer, Terry Walmann, Warren Huart, Metronize, Madness4Real, Jesta Music, Scott Spock, Richard Niles,, Ken Larish and many more. Also did BV for Britney Spears in Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, on her self entitled album 2002.

She has been engaged to several international projects as a songwriter and vocal coach, and has had numerous Top 10 singles on the charts. Anne Marie has been on several National Wide TV shows, lots of radio shows, and received immense airplay on The Danish Nation wide radio stations as well as major and indie radio stations in EU, Asia and US.

Anne Marie produce and edit her own videos;
List of You Tube Video's:

"Running Wild":
"U Belong To Me":
"Feel U Club Remix" from UnZipped Remix EP:
Cry Me A River (Cover- Arthur Hamilton):
"Secret Code" from the UnZipped Club EP:
"Midnight Bomb" Single January 2016:
"I Won't Run Away":
"HiTech Chick":
"Midnight Bomb Shlomi Levi Remix":
"Feel U" Radio Edit- The soundtrack from the Amr. Movie Every Day Starring Helen Hunt:
(Midnight Bomb Shlomi Levi Remix):

Anne Marie Bush Bio

New album release UnZipped written and produced in collaboration with Anne Marie and her producers.
14 hot tracks in the style of R&B, soul, hip hop, club and pop.
Anne Marie released her recent single and international music video of SupaSexual at her own established Record Label AMB Records primo 2005 and made it to Top 10. She completed a huge PR & radio tour in DK with great success. Anne Marie performed on 3 National Wide TV shows last year, and she had intense radio airplay of her single, selected as hot rotation on several big radio stations for nearly 2 years. Anne Marie climbed the dance charts and the sales charts during March and April 2005. Danish artist/singer-songwriter Anne Marie Bush, having worked internationally for several years has moved to the next stage of her career with a new album release, an international music video. Live concerts, club gigs and a huge PR tour in the works. Anne Marie was educated as a music teacher at The Danish Academy of Music and has been a vocal coach for several well known singers both in the US and in DK as well as a backing vocalist/session singer and backing vocal arranger in various studios, in the US (Britney Spears album 2002, Aaron Carter 2001) and in DK. She has also been active as an actress in Danish shows, cabarets and musicals. Anne Marie played the lead in Egtved Kroniken, appeared in Les Miserables, and played the lead (Rizzo) in Grease while simultaneously participating on 10 albums released in Denmark. Over the past several years Anne Marie has been focusing on writing & recording songs in The US and in Europe, working with such talents as Narada Walden, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Michael Thompson, Greg Phillinganes, Bruce Gaitsch, Michael Caruso, Scott Spock, Jorge Gman Corante, Lindy Robbins, Jeff Franzel, Robbie Buchanan, Tery Wollman, Denis Ingoldsby, Richard Niles, Tommy Denander, Tony Malm, Metronize, Deekay Music and others. Anne Marie is frequently being engaged as a songwriter and vocal producer/vocal arranger for signed projects both in EU and in The US. Anne Marie just had 3 of her own songs released in an American movie called "Living Life", which aired at HBO in 7 European countries. Anne Marie has attracted a lot of attention from the Danish media because of her international activities. Her story has been covered in all major magazines as well as on National Radio and TV stations. A 30-minute documentary show from Los Angeles about her career will follow soon. Her voice is very powerful and at a very high artistic level. The talent is multi dimensional, worthy of a star, a new diva...For more details please check her website: Contact:

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over 30 days ago to Anne Marie Bush

great hooks in "U Belong To Me"...good luck with your album release !

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Anne Marie Bush
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much! I just released my new single Running Wild, written, produced and mixed in my own studio. Nice Buzz and streams. Also on YouTube. Thanks. jgMHBetOlWjydatxQV
?si=4DGzH6crQpSv_yaNViJDDQ csXwejqvMTSGDCN-oMtzw

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