Lake Furney is a performing drummer/percussionist/vocalist as well as a writer/producer. He says of his music, "I have a hard time classifying my music because I write all over the place.

I don't think music is limited by genre. Music should capture and convey an energy and emotion. If that emotion happens to come out like a country melody, a classical orchestration, or a head banging groove, so be it.

Life doesn't fit into a genre or formula, so why should music when it's talking about life?".
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over 30 days ago to Lake Furney

Great Vocal man! Clean drums.

over 30 days ago to Lake Furney

Love the lyrics of this one, Lake! "So here and now holds the key"....

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Iván Emo
over 30 days ago

Hey thanks for the review, you`re right in everything you said, the thing is I never intended to make a song, it's more a sample of what could have been a song, i started fooling around improvising on some chords with no intention of making a song, that's why it has no real direction, you saw that very clear, you have a good sense of what a song should be. Thanks again

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