Midas Bison is a 22 year old electronic producer, musician, and songwriter from Madison, WI, who makes music of all varieties, often combining different textures to accomplish a form of sonic imagery.

Midas has self released five EPs of his own music up to this point. Each EP has a stylistic intention, the tones within each piece are meant to express a theme or motif, whether it be an attempt to capture the phenomena of the woods, the imagination of a child with a Gameboy, or the deepest depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Midas has played a number of shows in the Madison area with artists such as Maps and Atlases, Chad Valley, Ghost Beach, Mutts and Kids and Explosions.

Midas also founded the What Son? Collective, a group of musicians and artists dedicated to positive promotion, serious artistic communities, and elevated experimental expression.

Sounds Like: The Postal Service, Animal Collective

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*Show at the High Noon Saloon on Sunday November 24th for five bucks! Starts at 8pm!*


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Glad you are on Broadjam. Hope you get some licensing opportunities thrown your way! Mr. Electronic Genius! :)

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