Feed the Heart / Galapagos

Song Length 4:07 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Electronic - Ambient
Mood Peaceful, Moving Subject Ocean, Sea, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Interpol, The Postal Service


7am. Waking up in the morning to the pale blue light. She is standing like a lighthouse on the dock. I was cold, and she was cold, and we were right to float apart like boats in dark crashing on rocks.

So we go, swim real slow, cause we are all wetter than ever. Maybe it's better to pull up the anchor.

The waves crashing, the crew was all dashing to secure the lifeboats - carrying totes with remote radios and rations. The passion that could conjure a storm such as this is akin to the passion I pissed, way into the sea when you still loved me and the gulls weren't circling the carcass of us. The radius is shrinking like fish are unblinking, like the warfmans keys keep clinking and my heart keeps sinking. Still trying to hear the singing of humpbacks hoping I can jump back into the pool but I don't feel cool anymore. Feeling foolish and warm without your water for my fire, that perfect storm I miss the most makes me want to escape to the Galapagos.

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