Jolly Ranchers

Song Length 3:42 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Electronic - Electronica
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Blissful, Engaging
Subject Joy, Candy, Sugar Similar Artists The Postal Service, Radiohead
Language English Era 2000 and later


You're hungry,
you're tired,
you're coming my way
and you want to see if I taste like candy,
to rid your mouth of that stale taste of brandy.

Maybe you just think I'm cute, hey, I don't know.
Maybe you just want a crew and run the show
With some raspberry blue like an ocean flow.
Either way, we grab our change and we go.

Let it float calmly into your head
And caramelize always, carving the debt
Of your sweet dreams my sweet tea,
never sugar free.

Smacking ball bearings is the sound of couples pairing in a dimly lit club with a disco beat blaring everyone staring at the ocean of commotion where a couple of conch shaped cogs are set in motion fluidly but stupidly never to act truthfully I left because the bartender was rude to me. A mojito wont fix my broken ego.

Maybe I just think you're true but how to know?

When we're sitting in a booth under lamp glow
do I fill your sweet tooth wrapped in a bow?
Either way, we grab our change and we go.

Lyrics Sidney Johnson Music Sidney Johnson
Producer Sidney Johnson Performance Midas Bison
Label What Son? Records
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