Song Length 3:16 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Electronic - Experimental
Subject Ocean, Sea Similar Artists M83, The Postal Service


Oh she's pretty, oh she's lovely (look at her). Oh she's naked, oh she's sacred.

Long hair swaying in the breeze, looking like a white flag deceived, the crystal mountain underneath stretches down into the sea.

And then they beat them (watch their heads unhinge and grin and) eat them (like morsels portioned by the tempo) treat them (most sailors are just drunks that taste like spunk, oh wait I mean) seamen.

Oh no, there goes the cabin crew swimming off to the song of the untrue. Harpies do as they do, they sit there just to tempt you. I'll seal my ears up shut with glue (don't want to deal with mermaids).

Long hair floating in the breeze. Watching the crystal waves shine.

Lyrics Midas Bison Music Midas Bison
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