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If you dive you'll realize the coldest depths have been inside the whole time and if you cry, the tears will dry, but rivers always tend to slide no matter how you try. So swim with me in ecstasy, we'll get across this blackened sea as we subvert our feeling to rivulets streaming.

Here in my tide pool (i was slapping and lapping to the beat of the surf), here where the water's cool (defending and rendering the tides of my turf), here where the waves rule (they collect debris then rinse and repeat), it circulates just like a spool (the process that resets the ocean to unrest).

Never bother, just keep treading water and you'll find the current will die down real soon, and even if you can't swim it's ok, your distance is only the length from one shore to the other.

Flowing, the ocean remains foreboding,
as you drown in it, drowning in the spit
of my flow that glows when I get low in the deep.
Bioluminescent revelries resonate underseas,
as well as over them, spanning nautical degrees.
Poisonous anemones, the posture of my enemies
is slouched into a coast carved couch
and if you're feigning doubt then just cut that shit out.
I command every fresh water trout,
every mean mugging shark and dolphin
I'm the storm that'll sink the gulf in
with hurricane sayings never mundane sprayings
from emcees that forget that their chain hangs
getting rusty in my waters,
forget about their daughters feeling my waves getting hotter -
as I submerse into her so warm she think she gonna steep,
she says "now I understand why they call you king of the deep."

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