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richocet dreams Records presents: Lemonchill "sleeping with giants" new chillout remix cd album on ricochet dreams records. the opener for a special four albums remix project.this album contains downtempo chillout remixes,with well known electronica musicians in this music genre such as:zero cult,side liner,hol baumann,terra nine,chronos and more. prepare yourself for an hour of a musical journey through ethereal vibes and atmosphere.from the opening track moonlight sonata by zero cult to the closing lullaby sublime by hol baumann.this album also features a remix by lemonchill himself to his track Adam and eve originally featured on the album journey though an electric garden. a true delicate of chillout music for the fans!this release also features an exclusive remix for the track dragonfly by steve baltes.

Remixed by artists:
1 moonlight sonata zero cult remix
2 en larmes side liner remix
3 adam and eve the angels are crying
4 adam and eve mindwave remix
5 subconciusness whispers terra nine remix
6 en larmes chronos remix
7 subconciusness whispers limbo remix
8 sublime hol baumann remix
9 dragonfly steve baltes of deep voices remix

Lemonchill: Sleeping With Giants
Altar Records presents Lemonchill "Conversations With God" album: The new remix album called "Conversations with God" is the second chapter in a special four album remix project each with its own unique music style. This one's a top-class progressive trance album released first on a digital format and then on a CD format in a few months. This is a remixed album and reworks made by the most progressive and active artists. Music composed by Lemonchill aka Idan Or

Remixed by artists:
1. Electric Waves of Silence-Hypnotizer remix
2. Kanji-Ramin'Dash remix
3. En larmes-Hi Profile remix
4. Electric Waves of Silence-Feel remix
5. Reflections-Kota aka Ushikha remix
6. Missing Souls-Stratil remix
7. Electric Waves of Silence-Dynamic Bastards remix
8. Mantra- Cabeiri remix

the chill spectrum (compiled by lemonchill) out now 29.6.10



released 31.5.09
Ricochet Dream records

1. reflections
2. memorabilia
3. open rene
4. emotions
5. mantra
6. missing souls
7. dragonfly
8. kanji

Missing souls/emotions

released 01.02.08
clubland records germany

1. missing souls - Exx remix
2. missing souls (original)
3. emotions - stereomover remix
4. emotions - henning Richter remix
5. emotions (original)


clubland records germany

1. dragonfly(radio edit)
2. dragonfly (subheim remix)
3. dragonfly (rauschwerk remix)
4. dragonfly (zero cult remix)

journey through an electric garden

cyberset records passage(intro)
2. adam and eve II
3. en larmes
4 moonlight sonata
5 electric waves of silence
6 sublime
7 subconscious whispers
8 subway express
9 journey through an electric garden (outro)

sleeping with giants

richocet dreams records

1 moonlight sonata zero cult remix
2 en larmes side liner remix
3 adam and eve mindwave remix
4 adam and eve the angels are crying version 5 Subconsciousness whispers terra nine remix
6 en larmes chronos remix
7 subconsciousness whispers limbo remix
8 sublime hol baumann remix

conversations with god

altar records

1.electric waves of silence-hypnotizer remix
2. kanji-ramindash remix
3. en larmes-hi profile remix
4 electric waves of silence-feel remix
5 reflections-kota aka ushikha remix
6 missing souls-stratil remix
7 electric waves of silence-dynamic bastards remix
8 mantra- Cabeiri remix

v/a:the chill spectrum -compiled by lemonchill

umxal records

1. Zen garden-midi act
2. Tentura_feat.Kadasarva_-_Sky_Interface
3. Lab's Cloud - My sacred Place
4 Zen garden-frame
5 PrOmid_Disconsolate
6 AstroPilot - Arimoya (Alex Rize remix)
7 Cabeiri Humanize
8 NeiRula-InTrue
9 Grains of Sound - Soul Solution
10 Goatika creative lab Moby Dick
11 Perpetual Loop - Closure

Monolith featuring Nema the remixes


Michael Nind
over 30 days ago to lemonchill

Try the Ministry of Sound label you might be able to get a track on one of their compilation albums they are UK based. Best Regards Mike Nind/STATE SECRET. Thanks for your support.

over 30 days ago to lemonchill

If you're into Electronica, you should check out the Title Track Audio Soup. I have many like this and I am trying to break into the progressive scene myself. Very hard to being from Canada, I was looking into the Armada label out of the Netherlands, seeing the club scene is packed over there.

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