It's my original music style and unique genre. I know many people are gonna be confused because it's very similar name of "house music". But it's really different from house music. I had been trying to find fitting and fitting common genre with my music but it was really waste time for me. The name called "house-eey" was described with Japanese. Which means "Kinda Homemade" in Japanese. But I know it's not a right word as Japanese either. I just say "eey" instead of "kinda" in Japanese. There is no meaning of the "house" music in the "house-eey". You might well think it's like a techno or electronic music, but maybe it ain't right genre....

'Cause it's the house-eey. ;-)

[WWW: http://house-eey.com/]

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If you want to listen to the house-eey musics,
please visit to http://house-eey.com

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Hi! Actually I have published many new song on my website (not here....).
Please visit to http://house-eey.com/ if you're interested! :-)

House-eey official website: http://house-eey.com/

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