Wayfarer is based on the electronic music of Larry oore, the composer/producer of The Wayfaer project. Wayfarer music features collaborations with Miami-based artists. the music is an eclectic combination of electronc, new age, word, and pop music. The Wayfarer Project produces music for film, TV, gideo games, and art installatins as well as Wayfarer releases.

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Wayfarer now his 5 albums available bridging the styles of new age, world, electronic, and experimental music.

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Electronic trance, electronic art music, new age, wrld music, and ambient.


Wayfarer is the artist name for music released by The Wayfarer Project, a producion company founded by composer/Producer, Lawrence Moore. Wayfarer usic is electronic music that draws upon a wide range of contributing genres and styles. It is music that explores the world and beyond.


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