Nurse by day, singer-songwriter by night. Music has always been one of the greatest loves of my life. Recently, I've had the opportunity to record and share some of the songs I've written, and it's been an amazing experience! I think you'll find our music to be very eclectic, and hopefully enjoyable as well. My husband, Marc Cram, has turned out to be an amazing producer/recording engineer. His ear could not be any better. We hope you'll listen, and feel free to offer constructive criticism, as we are always striving to learn and improve our craft!

Latest News

April 2009- I'm Sure wins "Soothing Song of the Month"!
March 2009 - "I'm Sure" hits #8 on the Rock-Easy Listening Chart!
May 2008 - "Fools Paradise" is #1 on Broadjams Pop-Easy listening chart!
August 2007 - "With You" In Broadjams Top 10 for Pop, Pop/Easy Listening, Female Vocals, California, West!
May 2007 - "Looking for Home" #1 on Broadjams Contemporary Country Chart, Female vocal, Production/Ballad, and California!!

Renewed Inspiration

After pushing my guitar to the back of the closet for many years, I finally dusted it off in early 2006 and began a journey that has led me to places I never thought I'd see. I am currently writing and recording, and even performing like never before and having the time of my life! I think I have a style that will appeal to many different types of people, and hope you like what you hear. I will be adding material to my profile as it becomes available. Thanks for listening!

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Listened to "I'm Sure" just now. What a pretty tune!

Terry Grinde
over 30 days ago to Laura Nunes-Cram

Hi Laura - You probably won't get this as I see your last login was 7 mos ago, but I just listened to your song "I'm Sure" and was again struck by it's incredible complexity, yet it sounds so laid back. A really creative piece, and I suddenly had an urge to hear it again today after many months. I am very glad I listened - it's exquisite! I hope you and your husband are involved in tremendous success, now and in the future. Best to you. TG

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Laura Nunes-Cram
over 30 days ago

Hello Terry,
Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm so glad you connected to the song, it's one of my favorites! My husband isn't thrilled with the bass or piano parts, but I love his production! We all need to hear those encouraging words once in a while, keeps us going! I really appreciate it! My best to you as well!

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