Welcome to the Home of Singer-Songwriter Suzanne B,Falk-aka:Bflatblueswoman.
She will Rock You, Blues You & sing you through the chapters of her life while playing her original songs on the acoustic or electric guitar. Sharing from the depths of her soul she draws you in and touches your soul. The honesty of her lyrics & ability to connect to people's heart through her music reveals Bflatblueswoman's true gifted talent & love of music, leaving a lasting impression to all that get to know her.
Take a look around and enjoy the music!

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The past few months I've been busy writing more songs and playing local venues and open mics. I've been getting together with other musicians and bands having a good time!
Peace & Harmony

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In 2009 I took guitar lessons for the first time.Since then I attended some college majoring in music & had to withdraw due to illness.I still play as much as I can.I can't imagine what my life would be like without playing & creating music.I hope to take on some gigs before the summer ends.Most of all I'd like to connect with other musicians and create some music.
I began playing piano at age 3 & started lessons in 1967. I was classically trained until 1973.I picked up the guitar in 1969 & loved it.I taught myself how to play & soaked up all I could from music books & the local musicians in Long Beach,NY where I grew up.
Music helps me release intense feelings I get at times from daily life & got me through some hard times over my lifetime.Music is very theraputic.Listening to the radio,records,CD's & now digital wave sounds,always affected my mood.Growing up I listened to the radio all the time.Late at night on FM Radio who can forget Allison Steele "The Night bird" & WFUV & the local college stations that raised awareness on many issues. DJ's & musicians who worked hard to get their message out over the airwaves gave me something to hold on to. Many situations & experiences have a song or two woven into the fabric of my memory.I hope I can do the same for all of you & leave a song or two of my own into the fabric of your memories.
These are few of the many artists that kept me company & got me through many stages my life: Bob Dylan,Joan Baez,Joni Mitchell, CSN&Y,Jimi Hendricks,Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath,Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane-Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, Carly Simon, Carol King,Cat Stevens,Elton John,Tina Turner & the list goes on.


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Nice Songs

Suzanne B Falk
over 30 days ago to Suzanne B Falk

Just uploaded a new song and video of the song, Let The Love Flow. Busy finishing a new song called Wake-Up. Making it out to some open mic events and had a good time playing a couple gigs at a local Farmer's Market here in my home town of Farmingdale. Happy Fourth of July! Peace & Harmony, Suzanne

over 30 days ago to Suzanne B Falk

awesome keep it going girl luv all your songs
cary t.

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