Singer/songwriter, Kaye Cross, loves creating everyday life music and music that brings hope and inspiration to encourage the human heart.
She brings a unique contemporary folk sound all her own with flavors of blues and jazz accompanied by a smokey/brassy/blue'zy vocal.

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3rd album complete.
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Kaye Cross was born in Riverside, California in the small orange growing community of Highgrove where in the spring all the trees would bloom and the air would fill with the aroma of orange blossoms. By early summer the blooms had fallen and the sweet smell of orange blossom would give way to the sweet stink of manure which seems to parallel her life a bit. You see, she was born into a good solid home but was born with an incurable eye disorder that left her partially sighted, (legally blind).

Some of her musical influences started early on when her father, singer/songwriter/musician, would have the boys over and jam the blues. Some other influences would be Bonnie Raitt, The Eagles, Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Rob Thomas, and John Mayer.

Musical adventures started when Kaye began expressing herself through poetry and had the idea that she should put music to the words. Her father gave her his old acoustic Kay guitar and within six months she was performing some of her songs at church.

Kaye has a unique contemporary folk sound all her own with flavors of blues and jazz accompanied by smokey/brassy/blue'zy vocals. Her music is saturated with enthusiastic passion for life, love, faith and encouragement for the human heart.


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J Nelson K
over 30 days ago to Kaye Cross

Kaye, "O Lord, You're Beautiful" Indeed! ... Nice Work ... Best Wishes For Wherever Faith, Life & The Music May Lead You ... J Nelson K

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Kaye Cross
over 30 days ago

Thank you J! I also wish you the best and thanks for sharing your music with the world! :)

Kaye Cross
over 30 days ago to Kaye Cross

Just completed my debut video featuring my song "My heart is always on it's knees".
You can watch it at:
Likes and comments are appreciated. :)

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