According to 'Hit Song Science' - as pioneered by Mike McReady at Polyphonic HMI...

Jamie Holden's songs have been awarded...

7 x Platinum, 2 x Gold and 2 x Silver...

If you've not heard of 'Hit Song Science' - look it up on Google or Wiki... it's worth a look if you're worth your salt...


24,043 plays on the Broadjam Network and counting..., and to my many fans on Jango...,

- I'm still alive and kicking it upwards ;)

love, kisses and all the best for the festive season...

best regz,

Jamie xxx has awarded Jamie Holden "Best Male Solo Artist Worlwide" - 2 years running for his songs 'Hard to Let Go' and 'One More Minute'.

Part 1

Jamie Holden


England, France, Australia, Scotland, Germany, Hong Kong


Jack Bruce, Scotland

James Brown's Band, Manchester, UK

Misty in Roots, Glasgow, Scotland

London Hippodrome, UK

BBC Live from the Edinburgh Festival, U.K.

Live broadcast from Berlin, Germany

Live on TF1, Paris, France

Cities Played;

Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Melbourne, York, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, London, New York, Manchester, Cairns, Aberdeen, Stirling, Paris, Sydney

"My first professional gig at age 16 was playing support for the great Jack Bruce in a packed, sweaty night club in Scotland - Jack was fronting a high powered, rocking 5 piece... Lord knows how we got the gig, I think the promoter was desperate haha. It was a small club so we all had to share the kitchen as a makeshift dressing room - quite an experience in itself. Our 20 minute set went down surprisingly well thankfully ie. we made it out alive, and the whole experience was seminal in defining my commitment to music.

I played all over Northern Germany with a 4 piece, moved back to Scotland and played with different bands and eclectic styles including, 70's rare groove, Washington Funk, Reggae, Pop rock, Indie Rock - you name it, the genre - I've played it, or at least given it a try..

Then in Australia - I played, recorded and toured with Aussie luminaries from the 70's & 80's ... - Black Sorrows, Mondo Rock, Australian Crawl, the Skyhooks, Chain...

to be honest I still don't get the Australian "Home" music scene - it seems like a 'Great Divide' between ultra cool contemporary and very staid baby boomer rock with a side of the best dance culture on the planet...

some of the world's best jazz, blues and concept music...

- it's a very strange but highly engaging microcosmic mix.

Recently I shared a studio with "The Veronicas" and "Small Mercies" in Brisbane, Australia.

My music has subsequently been Licensed on MTV shows in the U.S.A. , I have licensing deals currently in the U.K., India, Europe, America, South Korea & Japan...

Part 2

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Jamie Holden
over 30 days ago to Jamie Holden

Oh BTW, just go to YouTube and type in Jamie Holden - Key to the City if you want to have a look at evg126 brilliant video - to me it is astonishing, loves it!

Jamie Holden
over 30 days ago to Jamie Holden

Apologies to all my good friends on the Broadjam Network... I know it must seem as though I have been a little remiss of late - there is a most valid reason and I will share it with you all soon... for now lots of love and best wishes to everyone who knows me, Jamie xxx

Jamie Holden
over 30 days ago to Jamie Holden

evg126 has made a brilliant vid to go along with my song 'Key to the City' - very, very clever - I can't stop watching it - please have a look at it if you have a spare moment, mesmerising!

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