Irish-born singer/songwriter Richard Murray, after years of working as a session musician and band member to countless artists, finally delivered his debut album 'Desert Wind' (E-SHARK Records) in 2008. The album has enjoyed great reviews and success in the UK Songwriting Competition (Forgive Me Sera & Enlighten Me) and the Indie Music Awards (Best Alt. Country Album). In 2009 Richard also released the singles 'On Carey Street' and 'I Drove Across the City' for Play Records. Recently Richard has co-written the album 'Downbeat and Loved by artist Lucy Layton and his New album 'Borealis', is sheduled for release in May 2013.

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"Desert Wind" by the experienced Richard Murray is a beautiful and pure folk rock album. The CD is the complete package of excellent musicianship, production, and songwriting. Richard's warm, soothing vocals are a highlight of the CD, and have a pleasant yet raspy tone that reminds us of Edwin McCain and Del Amitri. The songwriting shines with highly refined lyrics and memorable melodies. The acoustic guitar on the CD, such as on "Down in this Town" and "1931" has a very beautiful tone that allows Richard's skillful guitar work to cut through the recording nicely. Moreover, this CD showcases a wide range of musical diversity - from the slow-paced, teary acoustic ballad "Enlighten Me" to the upbeat folk-with-a-hint-of-Celtic-flavor "Thinking of Cristina" and the radio-friendly country-rock anthem "I'll Never Learn." With all of these appealing traits, "Desert Wind" is sure to cause a scene in the folk rock music scene.
-Xavier and the RadioIndy Team


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Wandering infidel is a good tune

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