"My name is Joe Hannah, and I've no title to note..."

Rather than writing about myself in the 3rd person, or even in the 1st person, I'd be very grateful if you would instead stream one or 2 of our songs. I like to say...if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a recording must be worth at least that, right ?


"Of Autumn & Insight", as performed by JL Hannah's SumVoices, is a 15 song cd, released 12/05. The tunes are quite varied genre-wise, w/ rock, jazz, and folk flavors. 16 singers and players contribute to the performance of these songs, including Peter Kaukonen on guitar and bass, John Sheehan on guitar & banjo and Dave Robinson on guitar.

Please see www.sumvoices.com for the complete lineup of my very talented associates.

JL has also co-written w/ the gifted singer, Jodelle, most notably the song "All Save One", which appears on her "Adventures of Jodelle"cd.
Please see www.jodelle.net .

I will be uploading my entire portfolio of songs here over the next few months in the hope that they may find artists & publishers interested in recording and licensing some for their cds, film and/or TV endeavors.

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