SumVoices, Some...

Story Behind The Song

I've always felt it as a play....a crucial scene in a musical. This song being their 1st encounter (apparent 1st encounter...long story there)

Song Description

Grouchy old, retired reclusive composer is sought out by young naive hopeful singer. the Grouchy old composer slowly comes to see the magic and talent and potential he once sensed revived thru the young singer.

Song Length 4:17 Genre R & B - General, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Irritated, Delighted Subject See, Vision, Eyes, Hope
Similar Artists Aretha Franklin, The Doors Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


SumVoices, some...

words & music by JL Hannah& Dave Robinson copyright 2005 BMI

grouchy old composer (aka GOC)

go away, go away, nobody's home
damn interruptions, will they ever cease ?ok over here ,...sit...and that's it...i'm onto sumthin' .

and if ya don't wake me they may come,
so please don't shake me, while i'm dreamin' fun.
though i don't know much, i surely know sum.
cause i seem to feel voices where most hear none.

like that empty space there, the outlines they come.
it's like where henry moore meets jim morrison. i

i like to sit back at 1st and just watch them all run,
and then mix them all together to make one big bigger sum.
S_U_M sum, you know what i mean kid ? ...nah, ya couldn't
wait a minute, i think you got sum....come on over here.

so what's your name dear, where ya come from ?
cause i never met no-one nowhere throw off so much sum.

come on kid, speak up, let me have it...

THE KID says..

well i was born up the road, up the road tsome,
and i was told to come here and i might sing you one ?

GOC oh, i see,

well, i don't really do that anymore kid
i'm retired...self-fired !
and look kinda..well, .you look kinda...aren't ya a bit...


well i know what your thinkin', that i look mighty young,
but i can assure you that i been singin' since way way before the day i was born ,
(GOC probably before that too kid...THE KID..
i sing each morning, i wake up the sun,
and then all the birds they come to me and we all sing as one...
one big SUM !
is that what ya mean mister ?


damn, you sure got some sum kid

is that what you mean ?
tthat's what i mean...and then some...

ok, let's kick this around a bit kid...
and if they don't wake us, they may come.
so please don't shake us while we're dreamin' fun.
though we don't know much we surely know sum.
cause we seem to hear voices where most hear none
so what's your name, and where do you come from ? i don't even know anymore..
cause i never met no-one nowhere throw off so much...suuuuuum...yeah yeah yeah

what was your name kid ?
no, what was your name ?
actually, i have several

Lyrics JL Hannah & Dave Robinson Music JL Hannah & Dave Robinson
Producer JL Hannah & Gary Georgett Publisher JL Hannah
Performance JL Hannah's SumVoices Label JL Hannah
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