You got a heart? Well, we do songs for the heart.We understand the healing role music plays in dealing with one's emotions. So, we're dedicated to making good, soothing and uplifting music that deal with real life issues that anybody can relate to. We'll keep you company at any emotional level. What have we achieved so far? Well;

Great things we did, didn't last,
Yesterday's now a painful past
Only fools talk a lot and dwell
In the past; we know pretty well
How to brag but there's nothing
We can do to change the past; one thing
That we can shape is tomorrow
We therefore can't allow sorrow
Or past success ruin the dream
We wanna catch and make you scream
While you are not asleep
Our lyrics are not out of a slip
Of the tongue, we've a message
To share with you and massage
Your hurting feelings in style
We've a song to make you smile

If you stay a little while,
We'll make it worthwhile

It's DiD baby, and this is what we got for you!

Latest News

"This is What I Want" has scored 95.62 % on a pro review. Getting such a score from a reputable producer like Doug Beck; who has worked with artists like Usher, isn't a mean achievement. And his famous last words:"DiD Rhuu's song 'This Is What I want' is pure R&B joy. An excellent vocal performance and unforgettable hook makes this a must listen. Love it!"

Which song's no. 1 in R&B Soul and R&B overall top 10 for 7 months?"This Is What I Want." Now on another level!

DiD Rhuu's Music

We're basically a songwriting label earthing new talent.

Established by a world class lyricist, D in The Darling and co-owned with Rhuu, the pastor who pronounces the lyrics and the music as husband and wife in a rhythmic harmony that brings about a "happily forever ever after" feeling to our songs.

We're here to do what nobody from our country has ever done before and show the world that we're not just the world's leading diamond producer but we're sparkling diamonds in the world of music too.

What's my name,baby?

DiD Rhuu's Music!

D in The Darling

"Dyman Khonneth Yahaya" is an amazingly talented lyricist. You just have to fall in love with his rhyming and knowledge of rhythm and meter.

A degree in Psychology and Philosophy. His writing's thoughtful, therapeutic and immaculate that other writers emulate.

With Commercial Style,the most successful type of lyric writing, he's mastered and raised the bar of this craft to another level where few writers in the world can reach.

Nashville Songwriters Association International is one of the notable associations where he honed his songwriting skills.

D In The Darling is a BMI writer.
He's one of the best writers on where some renowned writers have already elevated him to the level of iconic writers like Wordsworth. Read his articles like "Every Woman Loves Doggy Style" here:

With a great sense of humor, D in The Darling is not only called Mr. Smith, but Mr. Wordsmith.

Enjoy the magic of

D In The Darling.

Reuben Lekoetje (Rhuu)

Rhuu, is all rounder musician; guitarist,keyboardist, you name it.

A man with humility that can break your heart the moment you get to know how many award winning artists he has produced locally.

With the type of music you're listening to here, any surprises there? Yet Rhuu hasn't started yet!

So, do yourself a favor and hang around!Don't cross your legs, just lay back. You'll surely get another round which should put a smile on your face.


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I am heavily impressed, and very appreciative of the opportunity to listen to this music. Absolutely awesome!

4 Replies
over 30 days ago

Mr. D,

You are truly amazing when it comes to the subject of, and describing love my friend. You will always have my mutual respect and admiration, no matter what or where we are in the Country.


Clifton David Feuerbacher

DiD Records
over 30 days ago

Hi Clifton,
Thanks a million my friend. That coming from you, a man who's married, means so much. May the fire burning in your hearts burn for eternity!

over 30 days ago

Mr. D, the flame will never die man! You can count on that. Highest Regards, Clifton.

over 30 days ago

D, I am not well respected no longer due to a comment I made on Facebook, and Most all are no longer forgiving. I gave everything I could to make things work, and made too many mistakes which no one will forgive me for except God. I am faced with divorce from my wife of 21 or 25 years, and will have to find another place to go, since I am viewed by many who wish the worst. A believer in you.

DiD Records
over 30 days ago to DiD Records

Hi everybody!
To all our dear friends and Broadjam siblings,
We haven't abandoned you. We have been so busy putting together hits. We're knocking on the doors of some of the biggest dogs in the music business. In Addition to "This Is What I want" a song which was no.1 RnB track for over 7 months here, we have "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love", "Are You The One", "Make Me Love You", "Take My Heart", "Don't Cry" as some of the songs they can't get enough of. We'd have loved to share them with you here but for obvious reasons, unfortunately we can't. But you know what? Just watch this space!!!!

Wishing you the best, always!

D in The Darling!

4 Replies
Peter G Olach is pgo
over 30 days ago

wishing you continued SUCCESS!

Bekker Audio Productions
over 30 days ago

Succes! Congrats and enjoy, regards Floris

DiD Records
over 30 days ago

Many thanks to you dear brothers, Peter and Bekker.

DiD Records
over 30 days ago

Many thanks to you Peter and Floris. Your love and support has always been amazing. Maybe one day we should a song together. What do you think?

DiD Records
over 30 days ago to DiD Records

Hello! Anybody home? There's a good reason for the silence! Something big is cooking in the smell kitchen. So, don't even try sniffing it! You'll hear all about it in due course!

3 Replies
Bekker Audio Productions
over 30 days ago

ooh is it spaghetti......? I just looooooove spaghetti!

Peter G Olach is pgo
over 30 days ago

with Italian sausage in a marinara sauce

DiD Records
over 30 days ago

Sure boys!

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