Jonah Poston
over 30 days ago to Mitch Cooper

It's great

over 30 days ago to Mitch Cooper

a few pounds of cheese should be eaten while contemplating the future

Crosseyed Miles
over 30 days ago to Mitch Cooper

I like the vibe you have Mitch...nice! Check out my tracks when youre able! ~GP

Hey Mitch, Congrats on Metamorphosis making #1 in New Age Progressive! Impressive bro. I see you're working a lot too, nice calendar. Hope all is well. Dave

Hi Mitch, Thanks for the fair and kind review of "Surf and Sand". Yes the song is a little incomplete and the abrupt ending sort of reveals that. Live drums! Not samples or loops. I went for a minimalist approach and once the groove and basic changes were together I couldn't figure out anything else that would fit, so there it is. So glad you dug it!! Thanks! Dave - CenterPeace

Thank you for the review of Brazilian Spy. I appreciate your comments!

T Tarpley
over 30 days ago to Mitch Cooper

Thanks for taking the time to review 'Tomy' well-for the comments. Best wishes to you.

Mitch Cooper
over 30 days ago to EIOS

Thanks for reviewing my song but I'm curious as to why you rated it a 1 of 5 stars for the overall rating but said you'd like to hear more from me?? I've never given a 1 to anyone myself and was just curious why you felt that it was so poor....

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

Hi Mitch, i never gave a 1 to someone for sure. Maybe it's not me or if it's me maybe a click in the wrong score is it possible to fix my rating for that song ?

over 30 days ago to Mitch Cooper

And "Manic". Review is much appreciated.

over 30 days ago to Mitch Cooper

Hi Mitch. Thanks for your review of "A Spiritual Journey" It was extremely thoughtful and thourough. I am seriously considering getting rid of the vibrato based on your suggestion.

Hi Mitch, Thanks so much for the great review on "Gilbert's Theme". I appreciate your really cool comments and good advice about having more effects on my horn section. Yeah I can hear that now. Tnx again for your ear.

Peter Grose
over 30 days ago to Mitch Cooper

Thanx for reviewing my song Brand new day, great feedback and great suggestions.


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