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Barry Osbourn

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R & B - Funk | Olathe, Kansas, United States
Total Song Plays: 1,994   
Member Since: 2019
   Last Login: 10/21/2020
   Sounds Like: Variety, R&B / country / blues / rock

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Kevin Winkel posted 2 weeks ago to Barry Osbourn

Thanks Barry for reviewing "Morning Rain". I truly appreciate your kind words!

Nigel Barrett posted 2 weeks ago to Barry Osbourn

Hey Barry thanks for the review of my tune Tamara - appreciate it. You're spot on with your summary of the overall feel being very digital - I have almost no equipment save for a Korg synth - but it's fun trying. Thanks again.


Barry! Thanks for the review of "Gonna Be On Time"!
I've made enough bucks to retire since 1986 on this song! Best! Catnip=+=

Ladee V posted 2 weeks ago to Barry Osbourn

Thanks Barry for your review of my song Running in the Dark. I appreciate your comments as well as your time. This is an old one I did a few years back but I do get what you're saying. Thanks :)


Hi Barry, thank you for that fantastic review of "The Lost Child". Written for a screenplay "The Carousel "

Bob Birthisel posted 2 weeks ago to Barry Osbourn

Thanks for the excellent review of Blues Conversation, Barry -- much appreciated!

Kate Carpenter posted 2 weeks ago to Barry Osbourn

Hello my friend. Thank you for the review of PW blues. Yep that's my life story in a nutshell. Mrs Kate

Barry Osbourn posted 4 weeks ago to The Meadows

Hi Guys, I reviewed one of your songs and liked it so i came over to check out some of the rest of your stuff. You Guys are really good!, great songwriters. I'm impressed. As I have been on a journey of my own to make better recordings I think there's just one thing holding you back from big success, I hope you'll take this as constructive criticism and maybe it will help but I think you need to do some more research and education on your mastering EQ, The mixes are pretty good but the mastering mix needs a little help. I'm not a pro by any means but have been obsessing over my own mastering for like 2 years now and finally getting close to some good quality. Your stufff is a little boomy, from what I know there are certain frequencies that need to be pulled back and others that sound better to push, something about the 200 range that makes things boomy and too much 1k makes them hurt your ears, the 3-4k seems to add good high end clarity without hurting your ears, guitars sound good when you pump the 6-8 hundred range and off course kicks live down at 50 - 60 range, But anyway... I ramble. Look up some video tutorials on mastering EQ and try to remaster some of your stuff I'll bet you can make it sound a lot better, ooh yea, almost forgot, they need a little more compression too, tighten things up and keep from getting the dynamic distortion that your getting on the high volume parts. PEACE OUT BARRY

Barry Osbourn posted 4 weeks ago to Steve Dafoe - Songwriter

was going to follow you or connect but can't figure out how, where the hell is the button, great stuff, Keep up the good work, looks like you've been at this a while.

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter posted 4 weeks ago

Thanks for kind words Mr Osbourn. I'll try connecting as well. Steve

Shady Rosy posted 2 hours ago

I love the artwork on your Volume 1. Beautiful and simple, I alsoenjoyed listening to your music.

Barry Osbourn posted 4 weeks ago to Randall Mark

Hi Randall, I just wanted get get back to you on your comment, The reason I said I didn't think it was mastered is becuase of the volume, it seemed kinda low, when you master something, after its mixed down you basically tweek the overall EQ and add compression and bring the volume up to 0 , most digital mix downs are kinda low on volume, Try and experiment. Set your volume on your computer, with good headphones on, and listen to your song, then switch to a song on You Tube by a industry band, or switch to a song on your I Tunes from a disk, or switch to a song on my feed and listen at the same volume, don't change your volume settings, and see if they are the same volume or if your song seems much quieter, It also seems to be lacking a little bit of high end and compression which tightens things up a bit and makes all the parts seem to be equal in volume and dynamics. I did listen to your other song and the vocals on it are much louder and sound pretty finalized, I thought the music was kinda low compared to the vocals but that's just a mix preference. Hope this helps..Barry

Randall Mark posted 4 weeks ago

Thank you so much Barry for this clarifying info. I don't have this equipment you are referencing but I will take it up with the guy who produced it. Take care

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