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Dark Secrets
releasable write, with a decent live act, a comp[letely marketable product
we think a local-seler, limited release at first, major city, 10,000 copies print, along wioth 3 other "outside songs", from the recording artistsv own catelogue.

so, what does this lyric "speak about"...?
we have J's notes, so we knpow for a fact what they are "about"
can you guess what this lyric is "directed" to?
can you guess who is the "person" the lyric is talking to?

that person is veru, very real.
and, that person won't like that "rumor" going around, that the words "talk" to them, directly, as an insult.

whio could it.................................

that is called "negative market" concept.
when applied properly, it usually leads to massive sales.
almost like a "gimmck" song.

very few words, short phrses
insults, compressed inopt 3 word phrses
building a total "picture" of someone who is digusted by anothers ways

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

Dark Secrets will be re-done
new band, new singer, new everything
same "groove", heave guitars
"slip-knot-ish" possibly
but very, very heavy
think Carnifex combined with Robert Palmer
or, even better...
Robert Palmer builds a new, live act.

remember when Palmer took that guitarist from Duran?
THAT was a good marketing move by Palmer.
Power Station
3,000,000 in sales
2 years
then, dis-banded
the things is this...
that "band" was never designed to "last"
the contract, and the understanding between "members" was exactly that. before-hand


Waste Of Time
now FREE
for how long?

who knows

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

file #23-49

plz read last line email, very important
plz don't reply that email
moving along nicely we think, Pen
chat soon here

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago to Sirens


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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

i can't hear your songs :(
I guess i need to wear my snoopy mask?
the vintage, '67 model, from the box of cornflakes?
"Music Only Dogs Can Hear"

over 30 days ago

Give me a go with that mask? Cornflakes? Better of with a bowl of porridge in the morning!

Japan is a long swim
hope your song has been training

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Matt Brimilcombe
over 30 days ago

On our little island, swimming is one thing we have to be good at!

Robo is a very busy guy
we like that

Lori Jennerjohn
over 30 days ago to Lori Jennerjohn

well, I have tried 2repair my player that wont open. I CAN open everything from a diffrent I am not sure what is wrong...???? Shiv-a-me-tender...I hope I didn't meow anyone to have them HACK at me A FER BALL??? Whats up and why wont Broadjam help me I have requested to them a question for help??? Now what do I do...It is only my work computer that will NOT open the player...this does NOT make much other stuff on here anymore??? me...It wont stop me...LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL BARK BARK...My DOG's have my back...Thanks!!!! BEWARE OF DOGS!!!...PUSSY cats!!!!

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over 30 days ago

Make sure you don't have a pop-up blocker on. Depending on the browser, you may have to set exceptions for Broadjam to allow pop-ups. Only thing I could think of. Good luck Dawg ;)

Lori Jennerjohn
over 30 days ago

LOL thanks...I will check and letcha know...on little notebook later...when back on my other one!!! Thanks again....MEEEOOOWWWWW :)

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

i'm almost tmepted to mpost a comment here.
but, i decided against that.

so, what you are reading is a segment of your...
its only a pigment

Lori Jennerjohn
over 30 days ago

lol LOL LOL You all have a good sence on humor...thank you for that....LOL

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

its called "block member", Todd-o
pretty simple function to learn
you should try it, pal
learn something new
if you have probs, call support maybe
but, we think you can figure it out
all buy your lone sum

Lori Jennerjohn
over 30 days ago to Lori Jennerjohn

VeraFlu is A Virious so is Unreal all you Real Peeps....Please Becareful in the cross winds and don't get sick...I love all you Real BJ's so just take care of your selves and bewarned...I just returned from a trip and hope you all are doing great!!! Lori

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago


A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago to Tamara Hey

first off, I like that photo.
black and white.
looks like a very attractive woman, but a little sense of the "maybe"
not a "glam" shot, but we get the impresssion that this woman could easily have posted one of those.

coat is simple cloth, not fancy design, not leather.
train station... this woman is heading somehwere, she has a destination in mind.
probably already has her ticket.

so, what do we now expect, when we finally get around to listening to this woman, who, apparently, from her photo, has noticed that we have looked at her....?
she turns, clutching her coat to her neck... does she know who we are?
she doesn't give the impression that she is terrified...
she almost looks...
ready for whatever is going to happen.
yes, thats it.
thats what that look is... not fear.

well, we expect a good listen.
thats what we expect.

and we consider ourselves to be pretty good at this sort of thing.
we wont be wasting our time at this page

profile is truth
other artists mentioned, equally, and with obvious, sincere appreciation.
a live gigger
ny ny
ok, let's....

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

right again
perfect mix on vocal
clear, almost zero fx on track
woman has that sort of "little girl" sound in her timbre
Dolly, Lauper, Belinda Carlisle
fx would destroy this vocal
Under For Good
admitting weakness
ok, A-listed

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

this is one fun page

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

heres a weird, true story, just for you

in the early 80s a friend recorded a simple thing he wrote, and he titled it "Groovin'", just a very simple home type recording, not nearly this good.

he started getting checks in the mail, from his royalty collection ass'n
because he always sent his tunes ton that ass'n

so, he inquired.
getting monthly checks.

well, the advertizing buyer at a radio station had been asked by a client to "find a bcaking song" for a radio spot.
the client was a retail chain which sold tires.
they had 17 locations in Illinois.

that radio advert seller searched available catelogues
well, he used key=words

so, he types in "rubber", no good stuff there.
he types in "wheels"... too many cliches.
so, he does this for a couple days, cuz its a huge account, and the campaign will run for a full year, plus television...

then, the exec types in "groove"... notjiong he likes.
then, "grooves".. srill nothing he likes.
then, he thinks of "grooving"

my friend made 45,000 in one year.
he invested one day, and had fairly cheap gear
(this was the 80s, remember, no ProTools)


so, anyway,
if you can't sell that chorus section to some car manufacturer, I will eat my own hat.

just that chorus.. do a cut, make it good, 1 mkinute...
"drive.... drive... put me in a car and...."

get it into ascasp, bmi, whatever, as that version also.
or, send emails with links here.
easy to find, with just 3 songs here
no search necessary
you're somthin'
i like you

guys nane was Williams.
just fyi

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

first name

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

your masters need some veru tight room reverb, very low in level
iyts just too dry, overall
only you should hear that reverb, if youi know what I mean.
nothing the listener will even notice
keep the reverb stereo spread tighter, not fully imaged, not large, if your reverb has a stereo image that will auto-set to full spread width, as most do.
keep it tighter, pull tjhose left-right panners closer.

gotta move on

a take on the old cliche...
"my music is my mistress"
attempted so many times, since that "lyric" seed has been around for centuries...
artists, over many decades, dozens in fact, have liked that seed so very much, that it has been used as a "root: concept hundreds of times...

a master who referred to himself as a student.
a friend, although I never met him in person.
this take on a "cliche" lyric idea is truly a worthy ripoff,
don't you agree?

oh, thats right...
you can't "comment" here.

my mistake.

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

now, we ask...
who could possibly sing that lyric, and mean it...??

I seem to really get some people excited, in a negative way.
I return to artist pages, where I've left comments, and people have come there and posted about my lack of tact.

gee, that bothers me

someone please carry a message to the always un-reachanle Mr, Olach, please.
and, the message is this...

Firstly, you are one of those (only one of many here) who control your comment page like you're the gatekeeper at the main landing of Opinion Island.
Many have noticed that they can no longer leave post in this commant page anymore also.
This was a decision we made of ours, based on long-term, careful observation of "what works" in the ocean which surrounds such "islands".
We wanted to try the "approach". ourseleves...

You have a marketable work.
Isn't that surprising to you, aren't you pleased and somewhat aghast?
Possibly a little bit shocked, to hear that from someone who seems to know a bit about some things?
Aren't you just alittle bit grateful, and surprised, deep down, even though you "sort of always, soemhow" believed that, but had nagging doubts which are now sort of "washed away"?
No, because you, more than likely beieve that all your works are equally marketable, that they are all masterpieces, and that all you really ever really needed was a "big shot" to take notice of your massive talent.

Well, you are, in fact, a massive talent, Mr, Olach.
And, I would state that, unequivically, to anyone with whom I was discussing your catelogue.
But, decisions are rarely based on the mass of the artostic talent.
Most often, they are based on a few more complex things.
Thee are many who possess massive talent, Mr. Olach, and many who achieve more than yourself with a fraction of your talent (which, I am quite sure, seems unjust to you).

You have a marketable work.
Unfortunately, in order to become a marketable product, it wouild require some extremely minor changes in both arrangement and lyric, as well as someone else to sing the lead vocal.
Now, no doubt you will be thinking, right at this very moment...
"someone has the audacity to tell ME that THEY should change MY lyric?"
"I am THE lyricist...."
" I work with musicians, sometimes, but I am the ONE who specializes in lyric"

And, therein lies the problem, possibly.
I won't go into any more explanation as to my own opinions, but I want to make perfectly clear that I type these words for the very same reason that I type all words into comment boxes here, at BJ (when I have that option in other artists boxes)
Believe that, or not.

You seem the type who isn;t really interested in hoinest, constructive, critisism of your work, and without that open-ness, without that sincere quality shining through, any artist is at an extreme disadvantage.

So that's the end of my tirade, Mr. Olach.

Now, let's discuss your work.
Over the last few weeks, I, and a few others (without accounts here, listening as outside "fans"), have carefully, and most critically, examined your entire catelogue.

Your song "I Should Never" is truly a wonderful starting point.

And, I say "starting point" to get you "riled up", which I'm most certain it will.

You will "auto-think" that I am saying it needs drastic alterations by a "better" artistic "mind", by a person who "believes" that they are, in some sort of malicious way, "above" you.

Well, if we were all in a room together, say, in an office, or at a restaurant, we would see that response in your eyes, and I promise you that.
Would we all ever reach the point where you would sinply relax, sit back, and ask...
"what little, minor, alterations?"
without getting "huffy", without tightening in your posture?
without your body-language expressing your feeling?

We rather doubt it, but let's pretend that you did that, in an office with us, somewhere...

Our response...
someone would smile and say...
"one word needs to be inserted, to make your true vision come forth, in the right way, and i say that because we are committed to doing things that support, compliment, and, ultimately, make the artists soul shine through, as we hear it inside the work, itself"

The song needs a minor lyric edit.
The song needs someone who can sing it without trying to "impersonate" whomever you were impersonating when you turned on that microphone and sang that vocal lead.
The song needs one new chord in the bridge.
And, of course, the song needs a professional group of tracks, probably between 14 and 20 stereo tracks.
And, lastly, a competent producer who can get the artists soul into the tracks, as if the artist was inside that producer, while that producer molded a beautiful creation into the final tree which should have grown from that original seed.

It is a truly beautiful song, if one listens only to the actual creation which came about, and not the performance, the recording, nor anything else in your version, nothing at all, except for the work itself, which, believe this or not, Mr, Olach, exists in, and of, itself.

The work exists, separate from you, Mr. Olach.

It only "flowed" through you, Mr. Olach, as humbling as that must make you "feel" right now,
as little as that might make you feel,
as that makes you think that WE are trying to make YOU appear "lesser" through attacking your skills, because we have some "ax", and a grinding stone.

One day, if you ever truly come to understand this concept, that works exist in and of nthemseleves, thenyou might get someone interested in offering you a full ground-up on that song.
And, if you want to tell that person that someone in a Group Of Unreal People said that they thought the work was a masterpiece, as art, then send them over here, and I will tell them all those things which I have just told you.

And, I promise you this...
After they have listened to my never-ending "drivel", their main focus will be on the fact that I am describing what I feel is a masterpiece.
Those are the few words which they will carry out of that "drivel".

You, on the other hand, will surely focaus on the fact that someone is wasting alot of words, and everyones time, with the sole intent of making you appear "lesser"

So, maybe one day, Mr Olach
But, that day isn't today.

I will, however, listen to that song 5 times in a row.
Not because YOU are great, Mr Olach.
But, because the work is great.
There's a big difference.

I have no personal "stake" in attacking your vast talent, nor do I take pleasure in criticising others.
BAnd, this is my approach to all artists, and you are no different, believe that, or not.

The problem seems to be that you don't want to be "treated" like other artists.
And, that is your perogative.
Have a nice day, sir.

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

and, for anyone else who took the time to read all the "drivel"...

yiou can make copies and distribute them to some other artists.
"insert artist name HERE..."
"insert song name HERE..."

Make your own list of "inserts"

We have ours.

if that isn't the strangest recording any artist has ever created...
then, can someone tell us who we need to talk to, to find something weider?

a weird, strange, oddly unbalanced...





and, of course...
the guy we all learned from.

Producer Pack #5 has been offered to a producer, who has taken the kit, and now has ownership.
Any other producers who liked that kits sound can now speak to Bryant Johnson.
Wec are no longer the owners.
Please leave us alone.
(at least about PP-5... there's lots of others available)

let's see if we can post here

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

apparently, we can now
so, Joseph, just an initial inquiry...

how mch does Joseph Miller charge for a 1:20 sax solo?
as in, if we sent a full mix, and you did it there, dry, no effects, just nice and clean

this is only a casual question, Joseph
sort of "getting a feel" for costs here

Producer Pack #6
we still can't find any producer to finish this one
the producer will own all the 9 stereo tracks
still no takers...

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago to Sosay Dean

sassy, i'm hearin drops
listen, man, and listen close, cuz I dont fool around here

this mix is perfect
nuff sedd

you got to find a female, here, collaborate, and get vocal on top
this is perfect as is, but it needs a vocal, and your arrangement left that room
almost like you were "imagining" a vocal while you mixed.
this is film score stuff, sassy
get a vocal into this, fade before that stuck-pig ending

do that
work on it
eat it, drink it, sleep it, dream it, finish it
this is one great tune

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

talk to cevita
thats my suggestion
but you do the final mix

Kate, I've come back, after hearing you in anonymous review, if you remember
This is an absolutely beautiful, sincerely put forth tribute, and your vocal is extremely touching with this arrangement.

I can lmost see you singing this on a dedicated tv channel, if you get my drift.
In a segement between th.e various regular, one hour shows
I can also see some inspirational gospel text floating in and out, as you sing, even if its a lip sunc, or just you singing wioth the songs music tracks, only you live.

alot of artists, particularly in the spiritual genre, if you get my drift, like to have childrens choirs singing along, and, really, as a listener, I usually feel that the artists do this as a marketing decision, more than a heart decision

I have now heard five songs of yours, all of which bring the children into the circle, and thats what it is, Kate.
That is exactly what your music sounds like to people like me...
Almost as if you create, through your gifts, to bring the children.
and, it has no pretension whatsoever, not a single speck of that.

You are truly a gift, and I know you must hear that alot.
(in fact, I've seen others here at BJ express that sentiment to you)

But, Kate, I really, truly believe that your songs will ripple into those children, and that your gifts, as the seeds you are planting, will fall into the good earth.
I believe that those children will be moving along the path with more faith, because they were near you.

God bless you, your gifts from the spirit, and those children, our future.

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Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago

Hello "Group" and thank you for your encouraging words. It's funny. Some people really like "Hero in my eyes" and others think it's sappy. That song went through about 6 or more rewrites to get it where it is today, and it ended up being a tribute to my mom and dad, married 64 years and still going strong at age 88 and 86. I wanted to write a song that was like "wind beneath my wings" but praising specific character qualities, you know, with a little more meat to it. The song caught the eye of a publisher, who asked me to rewrite it yet again as a Mother's Day Song, which I did. He has 3 years to make something of it....we'll see. anyway, I am glad the song touched your heart. If you ever want to sing it for an event or anything, the instrumental track is downloadable, with or without the kids vocals. I hope I get to hear some of your music soon. Again, thanks for taking the time to write. It sure means a lot to me! Your songwriting friend in FL, Mrs. Kate

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

i was wondering who the "woman" was, actually, Kate.
so, thanks for that background.

at one point, as I was inside that work, before the lyric made clear that it was a woman, I was already thinking...

this is going to sound deeply weird...

Mother Teresa

you know, the unlimited offering of self to others

sounds like your mom
space, space...
all over the place

i hope the publisher gets that Mothers Day thing happening, because thats good "pub" thinking, for sure.
hope he has the connections to actually make it happen.

why not try calling hallmark yourself, or email them (the promo department, division, whatever they call it there) and offer the link here, ask them if they could sparea 3 minutes, even in their "off time" to listen and you type this...

" I was wondering...."
"what lines YOU think might fit into a nice verse for a mommas day card..."

always, always, always, get the point across to people you want to connect to, that it is their opinions, as experts in their fields, that you desire.
And that is your focus, inside, whenever you do things like that, always at the forefront of the mind.
we, as artists, always have to struggle with the ego, it's a part of the artistic soul, actually.
the ego has to be aware of itself, in any artist.
not "controlled", just aware that it is necessary insdie, but must not rule.
so, their opinion is your desire.
nothing else.
you do not want a "deal"
you do not want a "rung" from their ladder
you do not want their "rolodex", or a "feee lunch"

you want their opinion.
you do not just "give the impression" that you want their opinion, because that shines through when "posers" try things like this.

In your case, because of the spirit you carry...
this will reveal itself, naturally, becaus thats who you are, in truth.
yopu are an artist who has ego take a back seat, in truth.

they will come.

keep all emails short, to the point, concise.
3 sentences, max.
if possible, link diorectly to that siong.
if not, put the song at the top of your .com list, and point them there.
professionals who decide to click, easily, will not waste time haveing to search anythin g for an "unknown"

this is the real world.

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

delete, Kate
too many werds

Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago

Thanks! I think Hallmark is one of the places that publisher is trying to pitch that song. I am a pastor's wife, so I always struggle with spinning all the plates...trying to fulfill all my responsibilities at church, performing (about 150 shows a year) and promoting my music. And being a good grandma. I work hard, sleep about 4-6 hours a night, don't waste time on television, and consequently...I am never bored. :) Have a great day and thanks again for being an encourager! Mrs Kate

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

sounds like fun
I'll be thinking of you often, Kate
now, I have to move on

Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago

hey if you want to be on my email newsletter list, send me your first and last name, city, state and email. Makes you eligible for my monthly free cd contests...K

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

we dont give much personal info over the internet right now, Kate, but thx for the offer

maybe our policy will change later, who knows
we can win your CDs?
we'd rather buy your song here
thx, keep the kids close

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago to Ian Kenny

you;re style carries real Journey-type 80s sound
from what I hear so far, anyway
but, you're British, so you probably think its more like maybe Pet Shop
i dunno
but you sure have a good feel for this pop style
good lyrics, great player, good arrangements
you're talented, no doubt

1 Replies
Ian Kenny
over 30 days ago

Thank You Group of Unreal People! don't think of my stuff as Pet Shop....or any other style, but I have been influenced by just about everything I listen to...
I just try to keep learning...I love playing....and just bought a new Drum Kit, cause that was the only element in my songs that I didn't play...I've had the drums for a week now...didn't realise how much it takes physically...
practising drums all .
I'm just doing the best I can! Thank You for the Kind words...and I Wish You Every Success!!!

Producer Packge #5
for the producer who has "everything" in the dance styles
we think you might not have this sound... yet.

tracks included in free folder...
Glitched Bass, in all the main keys, patterns in both minor, and major scales
a-b-c-d-e-f-g plus low octave e-f-g
each glitched bass track is 16 bars long, all keys
bass created using stacked FM synths, mostly Yahama DX, some Casio 101

a small number of drum loops included, but this kit isn't about drums
every producer has tons of drums, right?
this is about unique, cuttable, strange bass lines, glitchy dance, at 120
feel it

some lucky dance producer will get this full, 120 meg kit
free, as always.

1 Replies
A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

ready yet, Mr Jones?
life is passing by, at the speed of darkness

read the attached note to that email plz, Hank
clear date, 19th
plz, no reply to senders email, thx

9 Replies
A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

i still would like the scale in your area

Hank Thomas
over 30 days ago

I do not know. I am not in the union. I'll bet it's higher than 25

Hank Thomas
over 30 days ago

Also, that is not my paypal e-mail address

Hank Thomas
over 30 days ago

OK, I've fixed the e-mail. It's all good

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

definitely higher than 25 per, for one hour yes
probably nearer 40, sessions
live, maybe even less in todays market, 20 per?
weeks gig, 20 per, 4 per night, 6 nights
whats that?
580? for week? not bad at 20 per wk
sessions, no, uinless day pay flat, say 5 hr, $200
this is our 1st time, Hank
we see how this goes
you happy, we happy

and thats the enail address i was forwarded
glad it got there

Hank Thomas
over 30 days ago

Yes, I know, the e-mail, that's the only one she has. I did not realize you would be sending . . . or i would have given her the other. No problem though.

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

next time then
by the way, there is a possibility that there will be 2 versions
so, if we use your guitar twice, you will be paid for double session, with only one track

pretty good deal?
we believe that fair is fair.
we wouild havbe to pay to get a second track, if we didn't use yours, so fair is fair

we're thinking a male version, and a female version
male uses female as harmony vocaosl
then, the other way around, maybe
anyway, 1st thibgs 1st
we will see if you like the song, and I believe that youir opinion might be considered important.

thats up to the boss
thx for the reply, Hank

Hank Thomas
over 30 days ago

when am I seeing it?

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

probably today sometime, thirs, Hank
first thing, just listen a few tiomes, spread over the weekend.
if you wrote it, would it be that way, arrangemt wise?
should there be a solo?
or, shouild guitar-licks "fill the holes" after each fiddle line?
theres' space there for licks, maybe.
you dont need to rush into nthe acoustic track.
let the work sort of siot insiode you fopr a few days.

its got to be countried up, cleaner vocal, dry-er
ala Neil Young-influence.
like, an artist who enjoys the 3/4 feel, and does it with a feeling.
like someone who listened to a person who had listened to Neil alot, and had just developed that feel, not to impersonate, but because it feels...

we hope that your sense of humor, and yet your understanding, will make this a heart feeler for you.

if a line is feeling uncomortable, like something you wouldn't think is "right" for your bag, write a new couplet, and we'll alll discuss it as a possible edit

then, you get credits, royalities, on top, regardless of anything else.
but, we knopw that you wouldn't chop it just to get royalties.
and thats why we like you.
you're `honest, and we value your opin`ion as a masetr lyricist and story-teller
thanks again, Hank

we'll be getting a copy soon too, and start deciding on drum kit (probably Yamaha Maple at studio 2)

love crunk
best style of last decade, most original idea as sub-ganre
so i listen, Guv

6 Replies
A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

i checked out the feeebie, cuz
anyway, you have the bag, no doubt
i'd like to hear a few more highs in the overall tracks behind that vocal
good doubling, sounds very natural, done for real vocals
if thats all you, your arranging is superb
great Guv, for real

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

great mix on the vocal doubling tracks too, Guv
got the street, the guy hangin out the window of the walk-up
great mix Guv
backing tracks got nsome slight distortions
nothin serious
could work, as is

Da Governor of Crunk
over 30 days ago

Yo thanks I appreciate it! Yeah that's all me and I really don't add effects at all to my music so that's probably why it has such a natural sound. lol. Because it is. I put a lot of time in on these records so I appreciate the comments. Hit me up anytime. This is only a tear drop in the pool of music I have. I've recorded enough music for at least 3 albums and a mixtape! I'll probably post more sooner or later!

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

fooe add fx to crunk
crunk gotta be tight, and tight aint always easy to mix
today, alot of guys/gals hide behind fx, you know echoes, reverbs...
fx shots are great, like suynth stuff, sweeps, hits, etc...

but, anyone who tries to fx crunk should go play at the ambient playgrounds, or in a park with some overpass tunnels or sumthin

you got a good thing happenin
stay at it
keep it clean

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

i meant to type "FOOZE"
like missah t
befo yo time, Guv
he beat the shit outa rocky

Da Governor of Crunk
over 30 days ago

Naw man I know who Mr. T (Clubber Lang)is. lol. Yeah he did whip up on Rocky. Either way though man I try to keep it clean as far as my mix goes. I had to learn how to do it all on my own so it's been a long time coming! The easiest way to get alright to good mixing is to get good even vocals during recording! I don't dig reverb like that because a little too much of it can make you sound horrible. I've heard it too many times. lol. Either way thanks and I appreciate the luv on the music. Peace

Producer Pack #3
if that isn't the greatest country song human-tempo-float that you have ever heard, then you don't know what a song needs in order to keep the artists natural feel.

97 tempo shifts, in that womans style,
in her orignal,, played with only her vocal, and her acoustic guitar, absolutely amazing feeling, built-in,
right INTO a person, naturally flowing out.

NINETY SEVEN almost imperceptible tempo floats
in a THREE THIRTY song,,!!

think about that when you hear that demo
because, if you cant hear the true feeling in that womans performance, and you call yourself a "producer", then we think you might want to consider a different line of business.

and, I don't care if she is using an alias or not, a "stage" name, or anything else.
becsuse that is the closest feel to Shania that anyone has ever created, then you obviously don't appreciate the work that Mutt does in keeping Shanias material alive and natural.
It is a thing that can't be reproduced using machines.
it takes talent, from deep inside the core,
and that young lady is an absolute monster.

Swins on a radio show, huh?
a few days, huh?
we get to listen to them discuss music, huh?
we'll have some people tune in.
me incuded
prod house, right?

4 Replies
A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

in your circle, huh?
sort of, huh?

Penny Towers
over 30 days ago

I have a few circles and a few rectangles..Swins work hard and I hope I get back in time Saturday evening to hear them on Hanks show...

Penny Towers
over 30 days ago

I like a lot of their stuff......Char does too and trust me that dove reacts differently to different kinds of music .

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

i love what ive heard there too
only a couple, but they sounded great

you dont reply much greenie
i sort of like that

1 Replies
Peter Green
over 30 days ago

Hi Guys hope your all well did you get my last e mail

verse ONE

into the darkness, a light was drawn
and into that light, a shadow fell
creeping through my welping self
dealing in turmoils, observing the claw
the hole was opened
my dinner thawed
(echo only the "th" part of THaw, and reverberate the DIn in "dinner")

chorus ONE

of nothing was I born
into a dream of corn
flaking off the shelf
of life
self self self (echo forever as I continue to amaze you)

sudden drops into a pool of liquid ice, the frozen waste of your fingered desires, drifting in and out, fooling the stab of a horn which rest, nay, lies, on the head of a vivid unicorn, holing up the intrepid virtues of the endless armoured hens that wander towards... the male... the rooster.... the....

(thats better)

5 Replies
A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

I LOVE YOU...!!!
may I, within your persuassion, say that?

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

no autographs, please.
(pushes through the throng, protecting his master)

(there is a voice heard, ringing through the stillness)
(can you guess who it is...?)
(the assistant, who is really a bodyguard, turns towards the beautiful, joyous voice, which scents the air with an aura of foreverness...)

assistant: master, is that...... you?

master: in the silent thoughts of a way, yes, oh one whom I love, as all others who dwell, and weep, in the wells of descent...those quiet murmerings, tears which oversee your hullabaloo, and dance, dance, yet never moving... never stepping in those sad footprints, holes which lie, and then crumble, seamlessly, into the dance hall floor,,, square circles of longingly impacted love, dancing to the voice of the pixie straw, shining in dire consequence of... time... (echo)

assistant: wow

MAKE WAY...!!!!


A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

the crowd gazes up into the cerulean sky of dreams, as the private jet speeds into the distance...

then, a voice is heard, echoing up into the atmosphere and, then.... filling the air of the entire planet, yay, our sweet and nurturing.... mother... earth

(quietly, but loud enough to be heard clearly, so whatever volume that requires, do it...)

the voice: I spoke of nothing, when everything was mine, and the letters of repent filled my aching stillness.... then, and only then, except for now, I wondered at the glory of her ever changing windows, and the dress which fluttered, nakedly, into the ever expoanding universal throne of golden slumbers, golden halls, and... golden.....

the showers came, the drops of flesh falling, filling, fooling... the holes which bore the names... and the stones... which fell, silently... througha wall of glass, tilling the soil of my experience... flickering flames of flaccid fullness, drifting on a windy... tunnel of liove, like a dream that carried me into a world called....
(echo into the entire universe)

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

I whispered, screaming out....

WHERE AM I...????

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

(closes the 49-cent school binder, it being full, and pulls out yet another, picks up pen...)

ahhhhhh... let me see.....
this time I will write about.....

(scratches head like a gorilla in a National geographic film from 1965...)



(thinks, inside, because thats where people think, to themselves, as he thought, to himself...)

*what type nof bones*










starts putting pen to first page of historical curiousity document #124, also known as binder 56 of series 981 of catelogie .07-678123, which is entitled...


I read the data
Pastor, you just made one sale
see you Friday
thank you for reminding us that the simple memories are always the most vivid

2 Replies
Matthew Stemme
over 30 days ago

Appreciate it, and thanks for the kind note!

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

beautiful work
and, it will become more meaning ful, family-wsie, as you get older, and, sadly...
leave us to eat of the tree
so, sad for us, not for you.
i think all parents have those marks, somewhere

Producer Pack #4
Blade Runner meets Jose Feliciano

a very small, butn interseting package, for a producer who hears things.
the bass pattern is a straight runner pump
guitar is 1/2 time
why this strange combination?

bass (2 sligjhtly different DX series FM original synth patches, one with more bite)
kick, straight four-on-the-floor beat
snare, synthesized noise
hats, closed and open patterns
guitars in minors only, but with minor and minor 7th in there too

all the major keys are in the folder for each loop
as you will hear in the quick mix demo
each loop is only 2 bars, and all loops are easily cuttable
new arrangement cuts should be a breeze
repeating a long section of one loop chord gives the runner effect
switching keys gives a nice lift
the demo just goes up through the loops, in full tone steps

weird, pack, but it might stimulte some producer
the bass line is a great mover, and could be the only thing the producer uses
all ownership will be transferred, all materials created here
we use only the top VSTs and vintage synths
in this case, bass is on the Yamaha DX series, midi stacked

Las Palmas
you put the MIDI in your nick
sounds like a midi file to me, and you chose the patches
if I'm wrong, than you sure know how to cluster those synth chords like Weather Report style, so many augs, sus 9s and such
melody is a standard myxolidian, shift to diatonic

so, you are either a musical genius, or a guy with access to some multi track midi files
i'm curious now which of those two people you are Lama
I like this, I'm listening, but...
if you collect midi files, I could probably send you a few minutes, and the download would be about 1 meg, as I'm sure you already know.

8 Replies
A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

yes. I'll send you a thousand midi files in about one minute through email
less than 1 meg download,. takes a minute and a half

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

they'll v ene auto separate into the various tracks, for your coinvenience
hows that sound?
all pre-named, just add your VSTs into the effects slots
takes about two minutes
then, push start, play with your patches

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

drum trscks will be fully separated too, so you can play with 20 tracks
sound like fun?

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

because, if you arranged those tracks...
then you're hired

Spitting Lama MIDI
over 30 days ago

I wrote every note of Las Palmas. It is my personal favorite song. I could almost cry that somebody REALLY understands it. Thank you very, very much.

Spitting Lama MIDI
over 30 days ago

The sequal to Las Palmas has been sitting in my Logic folder for a few years now - it's about 70% done. Are you the person that used "counterpoint" in a review of my music? I almost cried over that.

Spitting Lama MIDI
over 30 days ago

I write it all and the rest is at (except an occasional loop), make many of my sounds, special combinators, modular stuff, etc... I was so miserable today - may you be covered in bliss...

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

i'm impressed, L
so, you transfer scores using Silibus, or similiar?
counterpoint is a concept i mention when i review, if its there in the work, so maybe it was me

but, i'm not the only idiot who knows the word.

if it was a review that sounded fairly intelligent, well-considered, and from someone who understands how counterpoint makes the circles flow...

then, no.
that couldn't have been me.

Las is a fantastic work , L
have you pitched it anywhere?

and, the loopps were few and far between.
i know that difference between loops and VSTs
nobody copuld get that sound with loops, since the sounds were so dynamically carving, in velocity filer controls, in deifferent movements

i'll be back for another listen session here soon, L
sorry if i sounded "jaded", but you know how many today just load midis, and then hit "go"

Christmas is a nightmare for that process, all those great "versions" floating around out there, all the same tracks, different synths applied, different "artists", the Fruity Loopers
(not to put down thiose who use FL to actuslly "woprk" a piece, and work on mixes, etc... some FL-ers are very good, just not alot of cash to buy studios)

really bugs me sometimes,bthe "midi kings", passing files around
i'm going to up a song for you to hear soon
Lama, Tibet stuff

Penny Towers
over 30 days ago to Penny Towers

I think I know who you are thinking of.....

2 Replies
A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

can you send a bj email my way plz
just so i can reply
i took you off my connect list for a reason
couldn't keep track of all my notifications

Penny Towers
over 30 days ago

took me off your list eh? LOL

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