Spitting Lama MIDI is an independent recording facility confined to an undisclosed subterranean location in Northeastern Wisconsin. It specializes in the production of music for free distribution to anyone willing to listen. For Richard Aylward, owner and operator, it is a labor of love. Thanks to the Formless Source from which all music unfolds.

Important: My latest song can be downloaded for free at Spittinglama.NET and all my music is available for free download at Spittinglama.COM (my music archive site).

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There's music created with electronics and then there's electronic music. Lama prefers the first.

Latest Song: Azure Expanse
Top Broadjam Songs: Organism, Speechless, Ascent (TMGOCT)
Older Songs Being Featured: Already There, Simply You

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A Brief Bio

Richard Aylward has been been making music of some sort or other since a tender age. He's had training in both piano, guitar, music theory, and audio production.

The pivotal event in his musical life was getting a Minimoog synthesizer for Christmas at the age of 14. That gift led to a fascination with music technology that has been with him for more than a quarter of a century. Richard started working with MIDI in the 1980s using a Sequential Circuits Six-Trak and a Commodore 64 computer running Dr. T's KCS. The Six-Trak was one of the first synths with MIDI and is believed to be the firsrt truly multi-timbral MIDI instrument. And it still works.

Richard was persuing a Masters Certificate in Music Production and Technology from Berkleemusic when life interuptted. Much of the latest music from Spitting Lama consists of class projects and has been produced on a number of platforms ranging from Logic and Reason to Pro Tools and Ableton Live.

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Thank you for making Garden of Curious things available for free. I love this tune.

T Tarpley
over 30 days ago to Spitting Lama MIDI

Richard...Thanks for the encouraging review of my son 'Sideways'. Very thorough and some suggestions well worth considering.
All the best to you

I feel hampered as a reviewer by everybody being able to see my reviews. When did that start? I always try to be positive but I think I will be less likely to help people because of it.

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Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago

Just be honest and show a little compassion. You did fine in the last review you gave to me...

Just keep in mind, you won't help anyone by blowing smoke up their ass, so be honest yet considerate.


Liz Miller
over 30 days ago

I know longer review because of this....

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