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James Burns

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Long Beach, California, United States
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Margie & Art Corey posted over 30 days ago to James Burns

James, sorry to hear that your Health isn't as good as you'd like it to be!!! Know the feeling...that's for sure!! You sent us some lyrics, would you like us to try and write a Country song using them?? Can't promise you anything, but we will take a Look-see!!!
Good to hear from you...Sir!!!
Margie & Art Corey......

James Burns posted over 30 days ago

I couldn't sleep one night and just wrote those for fun. I actually give them to you to do want you want. If you see something that stirs your creative side have fun with em Delete them if you want or change em, do anything you want. I love the fun and passion you two have that's all. I am always writing lyrics out like those and I will give them to anyone who thinks they can do something. Life is very short, Very short. I am a fan of yours and just thought you coould have with em. I wrote these other lyrics and someday I will find someone who make a chart topper. Here they are:

"If I had a wish, I'd wish for in this world
a loving Mom and Dad for every boy and girl"
Stuff the lyrics in a folder and you never know... you just might, one day.... I am in really bad pain and preparing myself for another surgery. Life is really beautiful eh?

Margie & Art Corey posted over 30 days ago

Dear James, could you please send the lyrics to us again, so we can look them over very carefully!!! I seemed to have misplaced them at the end of my Ethernet connection!!! LOL!!!
Art & Margie Corey

James Burns posted over 30 days ago to Annie Lynn

Annie, look at this. 50/50 score. You have such a beautiful voice. I have tried everything to get you to talk to me. There is no malice in anything I might do or say. I have come too too close to dying Annie. I nearly lost my life the same day Doc Watson passed away. I am having ANOTHER surgery in Oct then we r hopefully moving to Oregon. I love listening to your voice.

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My Blue Ridge Mountain Home

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A very nice song...love the strumming and picking on the mandolins. The musical arrangement is outstanding and I have heard few country/bluegrass tunes this nice in quite a while. What makes this song really nice though, is the lead vocal and harmony and backing vocals...this just sounds very tight and pitch perfect.

Constructive Comments

Not sure I know what to offer in the area of constructive comments. To make changes just for the sake of change is not needed. This is the highest score I give a song, and rarely do it. Best of luck to you.

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artist: Scott Tingley
genre: Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
location: Fort Myers, Florida, United States
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James Burns posted over 30 days ago to James Burns

Looking for someone to record me before its too late for me. Its taken me aprox 20yrs to finally get to where my singing is liked. I am disabled and live with 24hrs never ending chronic pain. I had to go on the dang Fentynal again after nearly dying after being 300mcgs of Fentynal and and ten pills a day of Norco/Lortab for over 10yrs. I have had doctor after doctor after doctor tell me I should not be alive. They told me when I was admitted into the hospital the very same day my Friend Doc Watson passed away. I refused to die. I still have so much living to do. I don't play very well at but play well enuff I am have nothing but 100% FUN! I love Martin Guitars. Martin guitar are Americanna and should entered into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. My health is bad and me and my beautiful bride of 40yrs are moving to Oregon. Can some one pleez contact me about recording me own songs? I can't tell you much this would mean to.

James Burns posted over 30 days ago to John Masarone

Thanks for the review of my song Blue Ridge Mtn Home. Youe the firt person who didnt get it but made my point for me. Its not supposed to move forward as you say. Each verse tells its own story. Paint a picture in your head? Yer review is the lowest review I had of My Blue Ridge Mtn Home since it been on here.

John Masarone posted over 30 days ago

For me it was a highly rated song. A good one even if I didn't get it.

Radiation Mountain posted over 30 days ago

It's important to keep in mind that Broadjam is a low stakes arena, and that's a good thing. The impression that our music makes on others is something that we can get here with a blinded honesty. This is how we get away from self-inflation, girlfriend/mom smoke blowing, and delusions of grandeur. When we ask for a review we ask for someone's opinion. If the review is respectful we need to honor that opinion even if we don't agree. I read John's positive comments, and they were glowing feedback. And it's a very good tune. Quibbling over points is not worth anyone's time.

James Burns posted over 30 days ago to Anne Walsh

So very cool, I saw the words Bossa-Nova and had to hear you, I am in Long Beach too. Good Luck, Jim

James Burns posted over 30 days ago to James Burns

Trying to find some one to record any of my songs

Joe Stewart posted over 30 days ago to Kate Carpenter

Wow! It doesn't get any better than full marks so thank you so much for your review of Stay With Me. Your comments are very flattering and are very much appreciated. The song was produced in the UK believe it or not which is a real compliment to a British songwriter to be compared with Nashville. Thank you once again and good luck with your own works. Joe Stewart

Kate Carpenter posted over 30 days ago

Wow you sure had me fooled! Mrs. Kate

James Burns posted over 30 days ago

Hi Mrs. Kate. You are an amazing artist. An artist in every way. I would be honored (any writer would) if you took the songs I have here at broadjam and let you do anything you wanted to make em better. Thats how amazing you are. Good Health

Brenda Craven posted over 30 days ago to Birthe Noer Myers

Hi Birthe,
Thank you for you review and comments on my song, "Free 2 Be Me." It is greatly appreciated.


James Burns posted over 30 days ago

Hi, Thank You for taking the time to review a song I wrote. BlueRidge Mountain Skies, BlueRidge Mountain Home, Nashville Bound. I think you might enjoy em. I wish someone would do something with any of my songs.Anything you like pleez take a chance on me. I lost getting 4 songs getting published because I dod,t know how to use Drop Box.

Margie & Art Corey posted over 30 days ago to James Burns

Dear James Burns, we took your advice and went back and re-mixed our tune, "Back To You" with less VERB!!! If you get a chance, we'd love you to have another listen and see if we have improved our song?? We listen to all Broad Jam member's musical thoughts regarding our compositions!!!
M & A Corey
Happy Trails..........

Margie & Art Corey posted over 30 days ago to James Burns

Dear James Burns, I just listened to your tune, "My Blue Ridge Mountain Home" nice song!! I was looking thru the credits on your song and noticed Galen Breen Gator Hole Studios. We have worked with Galen in the past too! Check out our song, "Trumbo's Tune", that was produced by him!! You reviewed our tune, and made a few suggestions, we will go back and take some of the Darn Reverb off...we tend to over use re-verb!! Thanks for the input!! Again, like your song!!
M. & A. Corey
PS. you live in Long Beach Ca., ever used Marty Rifkin Productions in Santa Monica California??

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