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Rap - Hip Hop | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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Husky Records LLC posted over 30 days ago to Radiation Mountain

Jeff, bro. thank you very much for such an excellent review. I really do appreciate it & tell your I said thank you for listening as well. I am taking your advice in reference to the curse words & will also have an edited version available soon. I appreciate your honesty. When a reviewer give REAL constructive criticism as you did REAL improvement can really be made to a song. Peace, blessings & most importantly The Universal Code which is Love. Respect my friend.

Radiation Mountain posted over 30 days ago

My pleasure--it's a top notch tune!!

Husky Records LLC posted over 30 days ago to Kate Carpenter

Respect Kate. I review music that I actually know about, this way I can really give the artist some constructive criticism & not me just some mumbling about a genre I know nothing about. For example I'd never choose to review childrens music. I don't have enough knowledge on that type of music so for me to review it would be unfair. Same in your case, you know NOTHING about hip-hop, nothing about the people's struggle or anything. My world doesn't contain white picket fences just people who look like you doing what you did with your so called review. I don't mind people giving me a negative criticism, just give me some information that I could use to improve the song. I got NOTHING out of your review EXCEPT that you dislike cursing. Huh? WHAT ABOUT THE SONG? You never spoke about that. I know your type, your easy to spot. Oh yeah if you looking for some disrespectful comments I can help you their I'm HIP-HOP! Good day Kate '

Kate Carpenter posted over 30 days ago

Hello Husky, I understand you can be upset about my reaction to your music. We come from totally different cultures. I have reviewed a LOT of music that I "don't like", and I try to evaluate the song on the song's merit. I chose not to listen to your song for personal reasons. I really cannot stand profanity. To you it might be no big deal. But to me, I want to keep a clean mind and a clean heart and to me, profanity is sonic litter. I have just made a personal choice to avoid it as much as I can. If you have any songs that do NOT have profanity in them, let me know the title and I will listen to it and give you my honest opinion. I have a very good friend who is a hip-hop artist. In fact, he starred on one of my videos when he was a kid. I absolutely LOVE what he is doing, but I have to SEE the lyrics. He fires them off so fast I cannot process them. Anyway, thank you for your note, and please do send me a link to a song of yours that I can listen to, knowing what I just told you. From one songwriter to another, Mrs. Kate

Husky Records LLC posted over 30 days ago

Respect my friend. I started to post the same song just edited but I'm like why? You still won't get it. The song you reviewed was about Jewish record company owners getting these young so called black dudes to wear dresses, have homosexual relations, & many other ungodly acts for MONEY! BUT...I know that doesn't bother you because it's NOT influencing you or your seeds nor is it interfering with your finances. Yeah, I'm taking a stannd AGAINST this behavior it is NOT OKAY to influence my children with it. So yeah I put that same passion in the song. I AM NOT ASLEEP! I'm fully CONSCIOUS! My pineal gland iz WIDE open. No fluoride for me. LOL. Anyway respectfully for us hip-hop artist & I'm not talking about rappers. You do know theirs a difference. Right? I'm not saying what's popular. I'm saying what's right. You overlooked a whole song & the truth in it because their was profanity in it. Again you missed the whole point of the song. This is hip-hop no nursery rhymes here.
Good day, Kate

Husky Records LLC posted over 30 days ago

One more thing, Id rather mu children hear me CURSE verses I stay silent about this subject matter. I'm raising future leaders & business owners. Men having relations with other men is WRONG! Yeah I SAID IT! IT'S WRONG! I hope teaching young boys homosexual acts brothers you as much as cursing does.

Kate Carpenter posted over 30 days ago

Yes it does bother me. Let us respect each other's differences, okay. You are right. I know nothing about your world. I wish you the best. I am glad you are speaking out against this evil. That garbage they are doing is deplorable.

MGB posted over 30 days ago

Hi Kate. Thanks for reviewing my instrumental "Victory". I titled if that way because although I didn't write it for this reason, but to me, it sounds exactly like something that would be playing after someone has won an election. I can hear the winning person on the podium, and this song playing. I have often thought it is familiar sounding, but have racked my brain and don't know where or if I've heard it. But you are about the fourth person who has reviewed this song and has said that they thought they've heard this before, so maybe I've sub-consciously plagiarised someone

Kate Carpenter posted over 30 days ago

Ha ha, that is funny. Whenever we come up with a "new" melody, we wonder about this. Don't worry too much. You will probably not be sued! It's a good tune! Mrs. Kate

Rick Dean Smith posted over 30 days ago to David James

Hello David,
Thanks again for the review . We really enjoy songwriting and it is a pleasure to share our similar interests.

Husky Records LLC posted over 30 days ago

David, much respect bro & thank you for listening. I really appreciate your time in writing such a great review. I'm definitely humbled & grateful. Salute my friend.

Stewart Warman posted over 30 days ago

Hi David, thank you so much for the rating on More Than Just Good Friends. Stewart

solagre music productions posted over 30 days ago to Husky Records LLC

My brother thanks for the rating and that joint When I'm Done says it all about hip hop these days "🏿

Husky Records LLC posted over 30 days ago

Bro. much appreciated & thank you got listening. Just keep the good music comin' Respect my friend.

Jay Paperz posted over 30 days ago to Husky Records LLC

Calling All Artist is having a Top 50 Best Song Contest There Will Be a cash prize and a radio promo package and you will feature on there front cover of join now

Kate Carpenter posted over 30 days ago to Husky Records LLC

Hello Husky, thanks for the review of Manners Rap. Mrs. Kate PS Most rappers don't like my rap song. Maybe cuz I am a 63 year old lady, I have no business writing raps. OH WELL, if it helps the kids learn their manners, that is the point.

Dylan Buckle posted over 30 days ago to Husky Records LLC

Thanks So much for the review Of Sik Wit Da Rhymes - I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and your constructive comments where useful.

CaiNo posted over 30 days ago to Husky Records LLC

Thanks for the review on Anti-Hero. I really appreciate your kind words. You have some sick tracks! Keep in touch - we both Philly


CaiNo posted over 30 days ago

...and also for the review on Plastic Rap. I heard a few of your tracks and they're damn good. Keep up the great work

CaiNo posted over 30 days ago

Thanks for all the reviews lately! Much appreciated

the flames. saywha records posted over 30 days ago to Husky Records LLC


Ron Wilson posted over 30 days ago to Husky Records LLC

LOL I am loving you guys' video with WanGi. Lotsa music wisdom there. ps I personally like LET ME LOVE YOU more than Sprung, but it is just more what I like.

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