My name is Dylan Buckle I live in London where I was born and grew up. It's a fascinating diverse city that I feel has had a huge influence on my music. I make music in all genres. As of writing I am making Cinematic Score and Hip Hop rap tracks. Even with the Hip Hop Genre, I'm making music that spans the whole spectrum, from Old Skool Hip Hop to modern Abstract trap style beats, to soulful R'n'B.

I spent about 10 years playing guitar and singing with my band, Soundbite and playing with other bands.

I have a passion for Film Score and compose film cues that render an atmosphere and that conjure up deep emotion. I am currently producing film trailer soundtracks that follow the trailer format.

Latest News

I've just entered beat battle number 26 on Battleflips.

here's my entry

I have just finished Mixing 4 new tracks at studio Llama in London. I have just uploaded "Bumpy Funk" to Broadjam
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