Independent composer of unique electronic and orchestral music. Interested in producing production music for just about anything. Chip has been playing music since the tender age of 5 beginning his musical exploits on the accordion.

Chip has studied Double bass, Tuba and Piano (as well as the aforementioned accordion). He has degrees in composition and theory.

2014 Highlights
Produced 30 cues for High Point University's production of Eric Overmyer's ON THE VERGE.
Placement of THE CORRIDOR with Perpetual Music Group.
Placement of BETWEEN HERE AND THERE to Perpetual Music Group sync library.
Placement of HOW FAR FROM HERE to Perpetual Music Group sync library. Recently working on mostly Orchestral pieces.

Latest News

Found out that one of my pieces: HOLIDAY JINGLING was used in 3 episodes in season 2 of ABC's GREAT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS FIGHT. Finished Opening/Closing credit music for a NEW GARDEN MEDIA documentary.

Commissioned to write incidental music for Chesapeake Shakespeare Company's October 2015 production of Titus Andronicus.


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Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Chip Salerno

Cheers Chip, great to "hear" from you, hope you are well and thanks much for the stars on You Met Godot instrumental chop, much abliged!
All the best,

I love it! Absolutely love it. (Ann's podcast pal)

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Chip Salerno
over 30 days ago

Thanks Elisabeth! !

Edmond Allmond
over 30 days ago to Chip Salerno

Chip, Thank you. Sometimes life beats a person down, and its so very difficult to stand up... and then someone acknowledges your work, your heart... I needed to hear your critique. I needed that, and I thank you... thanks.

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