Recently seen as the pianist in the season opener of "Agent Carter"The Band leader on "Grandfathered". The pianist for Mrs. Grayson's parties for season one and two of "Revenge". Formerly with Sony Pictures as a composer, music editor and sound editor/designer. Film and TV credits include Revenge, Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids (pilot, ABC), NCIS, Ghost Whisperer, score construction for Saban's Power Rangers. Composer for award-winning film short "Black Bag Chronicles" the feature "Johnny Morran" by John Ireland, the short "Boxes" and the feature-length doc "Store". Has produced well-received projects from Jazz to rap, U.S. & foreign. Producing & writing for Zalmin Fleur & Opus 9.

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Can be seen often on "Grandfathered" with John Stamos and friends. Prominently featured in the season opener of "Agent Carter" with jazz singer Kirby. Wonderful duo for this episode.


good folks like Ravel and Prokofiev and Keith Jarrett and Tania Maria and Jon Lucien, and Herbie Hancock and Bennie Maupin...



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Signal 30
over 30 days ago to Edmond Allmond

Thank you so much for your kind review of our song Vierne's Return. We also like your song Baby Lullaby #1. Nice sound!!! The wife wrote our song and I'm not sure which stop she used. We are right now considering buying a pipe organ. A friend of ours took us to a place where they had hundreds of antique instruments. Pipe organs, harmoniums, pianos, harpsichords, harps, and much more. They had warehouses packed full of this stuff. If you go on our Facebook page (Rusty and Sparky Lynne Newcomer)
and look at our album Wayside Museum I have posted about 90 pictures from there. They are trying to sell everything. They also have a forty foot trailer with over 30 organs in it. This was the private collection of a pastor who has passed away. Check it out!!! Rusty and Spark (Signal 30)

beyond the beauty of your compositional skills, I wish you and yours and all who you regard as dear are safe from the firestorm that has ravaged the west coast. be safe and have a thankful thursday.

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Edmond Allmond
over 30 days ago

Peter, thank you. I was just outside, and still must wear a mask... It's not over yet... I appreciate you extending all the love. Thank you again..

Creative InRoads, LLC
over 30 days ago

hopefully the upcoming rain event will do more good than harm - stay safe

Thanks so much for a kind review (Very thorough!) and score on "Remember When". An older song with more samples that weren't available today! Thanks so much!

4 Replies
over 30 days ago

I thoroughly enjoyed "The Long Walk Home" and many other pieces you created. You are frighteningly talented.

Edmond Allmond
over 30 days ago

Thank you for being so kind. I greatly appreciate it!

Edmond Allmond
over 30 days ago

Steve, thanks for putting up with me. :-) I really enjoy your music. Thanks again for creating!

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
over 30 days ago

Nothing to put up with! It's a pleasure to connect with fellow musicians!

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