Brotha Rock is a Pioneer of what is referred to as Positive Gangsta Music. This break out artist is a master of concept and carefully engineers his lyrics with purpose. He believes firmly in keeping it real, which is the conveyed through his music. He is more than an artist..he is a culture!

Brotha Rock

Brotha Rock
On Tha Rise….

Rising from the streets of southeast San Diego California Brotha Rock triumphs over the street violence that once held him captive. His victory translates into a sound that was shaped by his trials and tribulations which is now called “Soul Funk” (AKA positive ghetto music).

Leaving the gang bangin behind “Rock” is well respected by his peers for not being afraid to do his own thang! Becoming wiser, he did what he had to do to change the steps he was making toward an untimely demise. Inspired by the birth of his children and the idea of Fatherhood he changed his fate into music. His life story is summarized in his hit single “CLOSED EYEZ”…..listen on

Brother Rocks’ musical influences are triune, in that they consist of three (3) styles of music; Rap, Funk, and R&B. These three variables are the elements of what is now called “Soul Funk”. Soul Funk is the funky expression of the soul through music. It’s a display of versatility from within through the nature of the unpredictable spirit. Which means the artist style is diverse and can change based on how he or she may want to express a song.

On the Rap side Brother Rocks’ musical influences are from legends like; Run Dmc, Public Enemy, LLCool J, NWA, Ice Cube, Tupac, X-Clan and many more….
In the realm of Funk his inspiration comes from pioneers such as Rick James , Michael Jackson , The Parliament, George Clinton, Isley Brothers, Gap Band, Cameo, and many others. His R&B influences include the earlier greats from the 80’s such as; Ready For The World, Prince, Jesse Johnson, Michael Jackson, The Time, Surface and many more…

The psychology of Brotha Rock’s music is to create music that is “cool” enough for the street, bangin enough for the club and clean enough for the whole family to enjoy. Therefore, his music is always interwoven with a positive message reinforced by a ‘tight’ beat.

Since his musicals influences vary he is versatile in so many degrees able to express himself through Rap and song. Song being his favorite avenue he enjoys writing slow songs about love, life and the ups and downs of relationships.

Brotha Rock has been on venues from California to all over Texas with music being played throughout the nation and over seas in clubs and radio stations. Brotha Rock is now one of San Diego’s and Houston’s hottest up coming artists with the highly anticipated album about to drop this fall “World Domination”. Keep your eyez open….

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