Gold Brick Records has made a move that has not been done in the music industry. We have linked a deal with a big-time talent agent in New York to be our Senior Vice President of Marketing. We have paired up with The Dorothy Palmer Talent Agency at 235 West 56th Street, Suite 24K New York, NY. We are making huge moves and expecting huge deals to come our way at any moment. If you are interested in joining our team of artists or want to use any of our talented artists in your shows or collaborate on music, hit us up at any of our websites. If you are a model or actor needing a talent agent contact us and we will hook you up. Check out our brand new instrumentals that we are creating every day. We are shopping them around to many major movie producers. Keep an eye on us because we are moving fast and racing for the top!

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Owner/CEO/Producer D'Andre Davis... Derrick Davis....Senior Vice President of Marketing Dorothy Palmer...Vice President of Marketing Linda Davis...A & R Marquita Taylor.



CEO/PRODUCER D'ANDRE DAVIS was born in Mississippi "THE SOUTH" and migrated to Chicago , IL at the age of 10. At an early age he grew to love music; while growing up he played many sports in school and attended college on a football scholarship. In the early nineties while on Spring Break in Daytona , Florida ; he was thrilled to be picked to dance on stage by MTV and enjoyed performing and meeting the Spring Break artists. He was excited and blessed to meet Tupac Shakur who was performing with "Digital Underground" at that time; from that moment on music was his life.

D'Andre went back to college but could not resist the music industry calling to him; he began to write songs and perform in Chicago . While performing he was noticed by a person in the industry who connected him with the well known music engineer Dennis Thompson; who was Bob Marley's composer and engineer for many years. His credentials include working with Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Alicia Keyes, Missy Elliot, Peter Tosh, and Steel Pulse.....just to name a few.

With his dream in his heart, D'Andre relocated to New York not knowing a soul; he immediately met with Dennis Thompson at the D & D Recording Studio. It is at this encounter that D'Andre initially met Doug and Dave, the owners of the studio. While in New York, Dennis became his mentor and guide. D'Andre wrote a song called "I'm in a Daze", which was produced by Sterling Samuel. To his surprise, the Grammy award winning group "Steel Pulse" from London was also in the D & D studio recording the saxophone portion on the song. At the time, the song was being backed by a New York/Staten Island Record Label called "Tam-Yam Records"; unfortunately, due to budget issues the song was never released, but that did not get discourage D'Andre. He continued pushing himself and his producers to record the songs he wrote so that he could present them to all of the major record companies Dennis referred him to.

Due to the hectic travel schedule of Dennis Thompson; traveling to the Reggae Sun Splash annually and his international clientele, he referred D'Andre to Sidney Mills, a member of "Steel Pulse" and "Boogie Down Productions". He is one of the hottest producers still today, not only in Reggae but also in the hip-hop industry. It was at this time that D'Andre FINALLY was given the opportunity to work with a music icon at his studio, " 39th Street Music" where he recorded his first track with Sidney! This was a huge opportunity for D'Andre especially since he was unaware of how widely-known of a producer Sidney was. But in spite of the fact that D'Andre was a new artist, Sidney still gave him the chance to work with him even though he did not know who he was.

As D'Andre developed as an artist, writer, and producer he began to form his own team. He began to work with notable producers such as Sterling Samuel and Eric with "E Productions" in Harlem , NY . D'Andre continued to produce music and stayed determined everyday and pushed himself to maintain the confidence that the producers backing him saw in him.


D'Andre has launched his own record company "Gold Brick Records, Inc." He studied and learned from the best, now he is in the position to offer the same opportunities to other artists that are just as hungry as he was and still is today. D'Andre has an abundance of ventures available and several up and coming projects that are currently being viewed by MTV, TV, cable channels, and movie producers. D'Andre has a partnership with a major talent agency, "The Dorothy Palmer Talent Agency, Inc.", in New York City . We are currently working on a major movie score venture as well as many up and coming movie soundtracks in 2009. Stayed tuned for all the major projects D'Andre and Gold Brick Records, Inc. are working on for 2009 and beyond!


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hello gold brick im back check out my new single "Keep it on da low"

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