Imminent Records/Badmouth Productions was established in August of 2002. Singer CSoulove and producer Jay Carls came together to form a Label that brought independence of creativity and ventures without the high overhead associated with Label deals. Currently IR/BMP is working a distribution deal through Universal, and expect to release 1 of 3 albums this years. Thanks for the support on Broadjam, and we look forward to sharing more music with you in the future.

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Working on distribution deal with Universal/IMG.

Jay Carls

I currently serve in the USAF, and do music production on my off-duty time. I am thankful for the people that I have met throughout this community that help push us forward to our goals. We couldn't make it without you. I am greatful for all of the reviews, and constructive criticism. Please come back again soon to check out more of our upcoming releases this year.

Cecil Paige

I have been through many highs and lows in the industry. Through the help of others and my producer Jay Carls I was still able to grow as an artist and find myself. I have since performed in Madison Square Garden, Music Fest 2010; opened up for Usher, Jeremiah, Frankie J, Q of Day 26 and many other successful artists. Please come back and check out our music for future release dates, and shows. I appreciate the Broadjam community for all of the reviews, and look forward to hearing from you.


B. Smith
over 30 days ago to Cecil Paige/Jay Carls

You gatta record there brah ! Yall did a great job! Good mix too
Keep up this work !!!!!

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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