Mike Ciammetti AKA "Logikbombs" began producing in 1997 when a friend first introduced him to an Akai MPC2000, it was love at first sight!! since then he began improving his production and recording skills to help make his tracks bigger and better. Logikbombs first stab at his own studio was in 1999 when he began purchasing recording gear which over the years has become an elegant collection which features Protools/Logic, Digidesign 002, MPC5000, Triton and various rack synths. Ultimately, he gained more experience by working with local artist producing mixtapes. Now, here we are in 2010 and years worth of experience and knowledge have culminated into what you see and hear on this site. Logikbombs is in the process of putting his own project together which will be a blend of artists which have yet to be announced. Be on the lookout for upcoming albums and instrumentals.

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Logikbombs Presents -Global Warfare Coming Summer 2012
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Clean Clean

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