Blackgrass was founded in 2000 and consists of me
and myself only. Every quaint little influence, from
Dylan to Stockhausen, flows directly into my music
-every quirk of fate into my lyrics.

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October,23 2008
Just happened to listen to that old little ditty after a coon's age and decided to put it out for free.

October,30 2008
That was then, this is now. That special time of the year is coming around again. Mutilate a living tree, take it home, hang shit on it, then kick it to the curb. Put a price- tag on your love and buy anything.

December,6 2008
Here's to my brother and his Ibanez '73 Custom Agent. I work it with a tube.

Fool for Love


Damned is the guy , who?s out on a range
Trying to be so cool seems to be so strange
Just because he?s in this world don?t mean a thing
To the man that is wavering

Few moments in a lifetime ? ? moments of truth ?
Many times connected with what people call the blues
Shout out your misery ? somebody will hear
Ease the pain and hound away the fear

Take away the verdigris ? off of your gun
The raison d?aitre ain?t no guaranty for fun
Just because he?s in this world won?t make my day
Cause he?s a FOOL FOR LOVE as they say

Take your stand and shove your pride
Heaven waits for you
It?s such an easy game to play
Just be a FOOL FOR LOVE as they say

Drowned in freedom , lost in space ( yet )
Moaning and griping all over the place
Hell alone knows , what the heck these jokers play
They?re all FOOLs FOR LOVE as they say

Take on the pain , it won?t be for long
It?ll make you an expert in what?s right or wrong
Don?t deal with tomorrow?s cares of the day
Sooner be a FOOL FOR LOVE as they say

She said ? it?s plain , as can be
The beauty of the beast is what I must see ?
That?s the hardest thing to do , since everything is grey
Guess she?s a FOOL FOR LOVE as they say

I can?t dig the math in it , intrinsically
The harder I fall into misery
The more I labour in whatever I do
Guess , I?m a FOOL FOR LOVE ???????too !

copyright: Richard GrĂ¼nert , Schillerstr. 15, 35582 Wetzlar, 49 0 641 4418207,


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over 30 days ago to Blackgrass

It's been a while, so I thought it's about time. Da Wirt vo Stoa is a bavarian piece that starts out with a viergsang and turns into..., well, whatever. Again, I did everything myself and for no reason.
May the joy of life be with you always. Richard

over 30 days ago to Blackgrass

jesus or die--great lyrics--cheers--joe.

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over 30 days ago

Thanx Joe. I appreciate it and take it at face value. Thank you very much indeed. Richard

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