Been in love with writing songs and playing guitar/bass all my life.

Trying to write through a Cowboy voice on many of my country songs. Please remember cowboys don't see the world the same as us city-slickers.

The best way to know if your songs are good is to get out and play them in public and hear the response. Songwriters are theoretical.

Check out GAtor Hole Recording Studio in Nashville for the best value and high quality demo work for country.

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#1 on Cashbox Indie Country Picks for "Regina" "I Want To Spread My Wings." "I Ain't Mr. Perfect." See McManaman Songs and Songs in top 10 for Missouri.

I'm a country songwriter. So far I don't sing on my country songs. I do sing on my Dog Town blues songs.

Check out my band Dog Town or for Blues based Rock&Roll/Rock/Blues original songs.
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