Merry Xmas just the same

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acerbic chrismas song

Song Length 3:32 Genre Folk - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Merry Xmas, just the same.

From a sixteen story building my mama rose on high
was she naturally fractious or just a little shy?

Aunt Ginny ran around like a mannequin by trade
all dressed up going nowhere, her hairdo fixed to fade

Sister Ann had dressed me up, intrinsically dapper
Dad simply blurred his eyes until we ceased to matter

Happy when inebriated'n no one else to blame
I wish you a merry Xmas just the same

I reckon that I should have been the man you loved so well
and not someone that wants to be your friend this side of hell !

The night was bright, the moon a gift from above
you do it with compassion but you kill me with your love

Money for the fragrance, presents for the rest
when I thought you wouldn't give a shit, it was freedom at its best

Time is my money, oblivion is my game
I wish you a merry Xmas just the same

Every Xmas hurts, everytime we have it coming
Every morning when I wake up I can see them devils running

Like every harvest fails cause we have to pay our bills
every Xmas hurts but the last one... kills

Copyright: Richard Grünert, Schillerstr.15, 35582 Wetzlar, 0049-641-4418207,

Lyrics Richard Grünert Music Richard Grünert
Producer Richard Grünert Publisher Richard Grünert
Performance Richard Grünert
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