Vibrations can be combined in limitless combinations to create strange new landscapes in our minds.
in our strange new landscapes
can be combined to create limitless vibrations................

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Three Eyed Shmelts and Renfru Zetts are working on an Experimental CD. We hope for a release by the end of this year......Yeehey!
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Robert Adams
over 30 days ago to Renfru Zetts

Renfru - Just reviewed Einstein's Prism. Need to apologize. I typed in comments before putting in scores and mistakenly hit the submit button. I did this to someone last week too, and I'm fairly well pissed off at myself about it. I'm very sorry and determined to NEVER do this again. Do want you to know that it's a great tune though, you have some excellent and fascinating material.

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Renfru Zetts
over 30 days ago

Thanks Robert. No problem.........RZ

Hi: Thanks for the connection. Cool music at your page. You are welcome to check out our new tracks and latest page updates anytime. Continued success. Have a great week!

over 30 days ago to Renfru Zetts

Hi, glad to be connected to you, if you ever want any Professional Production or Mastering work done by a studio based in the United Kingdom, then just send us an email at We don't ask for fixed prices, we talk to see what the artiste can afford. please check out our newest songs on broadjam-these are some members who we have helped, also if you get time check out our main website

Thanx for reading and hopefully it will be cool to work with you in the future

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