Heartbroke in LA

Story Behind The Song

Story of a girl with big dreams who ends up down and out in LA

Song Length 4:44 Genre Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Heartbreaking
Subject Frustration Similar Artists Tom Petty, Eagles
Era 1980 - 1989


Heartbroke in LA

She saw the famous sign
When she was only nine
From the back seat of the car
It spelled out "Hollywood"
She swore someday she would
Come back here and be a star

The place where dreams come true
Stars born everyday
The place where players come to play
Welcome to LA

Westbound at 21
She chased the setting sun
And left the town she called a curse
Her whole world in her car
New clothes, an old guitar
Two thousand dollars in her purse

She would feel things out
And find a place to stay
Destiny was on the way
To meet her in LA

Welcome to LaLa land
Sunshine, and sea and sand
Have a drink we'll show you in
You may just get the part
We see you have the heart
But you might need to show some skin
Before we let you in

She thought she'd played the game
The phone calls never came
She started dancin' at some bar
Some guys were pretty nice
Found trouble once or twice
She never thought she'd fall this far

She'd truly seen the world where players come to play
Where broken dreams are on display
She's heartbroke in LA
Heartbroke in LA

This is one of the most POWERFUL ballads I have heard on Broadjam in a long time. From the first verse, this excellent storyteller draws the listener in with the story of a young girl chasing her dream in Los Angeles. Love the "welcome to LA" introduction. The story is heartbreakingly familiar and true of many who chase their dreams in that town. "show some skin". Winding up dancing in a bar. The phone call that never came. WOW. Excellent lyrics. I really felt sorry for the girl. The song hit me in the gut. Bridge is creatively written, placed and sung. Instrumental augments the story perfectly. Really pulls in the blues of it all. Vocal is clear, understandable, believable, passionate. This song should go far, really far, and I hope that it will serve as a warning to many of the dangers of chasing stardom far from home.

This has an Eagles sound and you don't get any cooler than that!! Terrific story, Great production on this tune! Top notch pick of instrumentation....there's nothing more to add!! Wish I'd written this composition!! In the meantime, I'll get over it!!

I really enjoyed this tune. It reminds me of Noel Gallagher especially the songs he sang while Oasis was still together. The lyrics to me are excellent "...have to show some skin, before we let you in." is especially great.

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
Producer Greg Johnson Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson Label None
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