7ucky Vita (fka Joey Broyles)

7ucky Vita (fka Joey Broyles)

7ucky Vita (fka Joey Broyles) began making music in a sandbox somewhere on the Planet Pop before landing on Earth. Otherworldly, this warrior challenges the status quo of Pop music commanding a self-made generation of artists who believe in freedom and glitter. A David Bowie for the millennial, 7ucky's sultry voice fused with his provocative lyrics will challenge the human race to strive for a better tomorrow and for YOU to be yourself in the face of adversity. Fluent in the world of Andy Warhol's pop art and performance art films, 7ucky's musical imagery calls to Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. A proud homosexual who believes that ignorance everywhere still needs to be loudly addressed. A chameleon in appearance, bending gender identity, and an unapologetic expression of sexuality thrust the stage. An arsenal of anthems for humanity everywhere, celebrate love, life, and liberty with 7ucky Vita.

Sounds Like: David Bowie, Lady GaGa

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Your music reminds me a little of the dead milkmen


Hey Joey,

RYAN........... If This is a Love Song

Wow!! nice work


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Thanks Kenney!!! They are labors of love!

over 30 days ago

Hey Joey ! Burn the Money ....wow....amazing song man ....a little wink at Soft Cell when they wrote good songs ;-) Smart lirics....I would say Listen Loud to J Broyles ...

Thank you DeMars. :)

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