Hi,I'm ART PAUL SCHLOSSER a street musician,artist,poet,comedian, singer and song writer & sometimes people think I give directions but recently I've been doing different CD projects and I'm wondering if you would like to do a Duet with me for my new Twoets CD ? Okay well if your interested either send me a note here or by facebook or E-mail me at imaprince2001@yahoo.com . The songs here are ones I recorded on the CD called songs I recorded at the Library which was recorded at the Library with the help of Julio Giovanni Flores. Julio help me use special effects and I think you may like some of these songs.

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Hi,I'm Art Paul Schlosser with Frankie Pobar Lay and I hope you will support our new 7 inch record by sending $12 to:
Art Paul Schlosser
2019 Sherman Ave #11
Madison,WI 53704


Hi,I'm ART PAUL SCHLOSSER the person who recorded U're The Best and here are other things about me that you might like to know;
I have been on MTV,ESPN,The News for most of the local TV stations & WGN news in chicago and my songs get played on Dr Demento every now and again.Did Dr Demento play any of U're The Best ? No he hasn't yet but he does have the CD and you can request it at http://www.drdemento.com/request

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