Warren J. Anderson is a singer/songwriter, and producer. Warren's music is a fusion of Hip-Hop and Dance with elements of classical music sprinkled throughout.

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At an early age, Warren was drawn to the stage, being cast in plays as early as the age of seven. He was also, simultaneously, trained in music performance and music theory since the age of five. From his early training, as a violist/violinist, Warren quickly developed a love for various types of music and art-forms. This passion urged him to focus on his own talents making way for numerous opportunities in music performance and theater.

Warren's instrumental/technical music training started at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. There, he was taught violin by Katherine Brooks (M.S.O.) until switching to viola at the age of fourteen. The Conservatory's music program was later transitioned into The String Academy of Music at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. There, Warren took viola lessons from Elizabeth Pabon (M.B.B.C.) and later Jerry Horner (formerly of the Fine Arts String Quartet). Warren's instrumental music training has allowed him to perform in numerous concerts, chamber groups, honors orchestras, and music festivals over the past 25 years.

Warren's vocal talents were cultivated early on by his parents. Warren has sung with the Beacon High School Advanced Choir (NY), Eastern Senior High School Advanced/Tour Choir (Washington D.C.), and the Milwaukee High School of the Arts Advanced Choir (Wisconsin). While at Eastern S.H.S, Warren received vocal training and choral direction from Joyce Garrett, the school's highly decorated Choral Director.

In high school, Warren pushed himself to take all of his talents to the next level. He took acting classes and received theatrical direction from David Valdes, M.H.S.A. Musical Theater Director. In his senior year, Warren received the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical Theater Production from Milwaukee High School of the Arts for his performance in their 1997 fall production of 'How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying'. Being given this award cemented in Warren's mind that absolutely anything is possible with hard work, determination, and a passion to succeed.

As a photographer, since 2008, Warren has photographed numerous models, artists and events. Warren has also helped to build the portfolios of up-and-coming models in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

In 2005, after some college and a few years as a mobile DJ, Warren created and founded Work N Progress Productions, LLC. This music/video production company was founded with the goal of one day being able to give back to the artistic community that helped to shape and mold the talented individual Warren has become.

Since starting Work N Progress Productions, Warren's short films have been featured on nationally syndicated television by 'African American Short Films' (Badami Productions) as part of their quarterly broadcast. Warren has also produced various projects for numerous artist/clients throughout the Midwest.

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