IlldotLogic is a producer/singer/songwriter from Jacksonville, FL now residing in Atlanta, GA. He began making music his freshman year of high school, continued on through college, and has been pursuing music professionally in the years after graduation. Originally beginning as a hip hop artist, Illdot found that he enjoyed making a wider variety of songs after writing several reference songs for other artists. At that point realizing all the different musical influences he has, he began making songs that mirrored his diverse musical taste. As a producer the soundscapes for the songs he began making became more interesting, and as a writer the musical possibilities then became unlimited.

His most recent album Dreams In Stereo is a musical collection of various sounds that influence him. The eclectic mix of Indie Rock, Electronica, Pop, Dubstep and many other sounds make Dreams In Stereo a unique, yet cohesive, sonically interesting piece of music.
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Geoff Martin Preston
over 30 days ago to IlldotLogic

Thanks for your review of Solar Storm, cool comments and take your point on the percussion. Really like your expression coming over in the instrumental groove of Hip Hop ,and indie rock. This vibe is so interesting without vocals. good luck Geoff

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over 30 days ago

No problem man, definitely keep at it, and thanks, i'm glad you like it!

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