I love Broadjam and being able to share music and hear everybody's songs! We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy the gift of music.

Shortly after joining Broadjam in December 2019, I was honored to see my song Wonder Girl hit the top 10 list of Broadjam Folk Americana, peaking at #4.

But the best part is what fun writing songs is! I enjoy the surprise of the different way a song comes to me. Sometimes I fiddle around on the guitar and I stumble onto some chord progressions that sound nice, then it develops into the music for a song. Other times I have awoken from sleep with a melody in my head that I was lucky enough to retain from my slumber. I have written a couple of songs while I was learning a cover, and I strayed off the chords and heard something I liked that became a new song. And one of my tunes was inspired by an argument I had with my wife, an argument I lost, of course!

Latest News

Stream my new music on Spotify through the link below or click my website link on my profile


 “Honored to have Shepherd of Truth”  to be played on “Women of Substance” podcast Friday 8-26-22  

Wonder Boy (KaytLynn) being offered non exclusive contract by Tinderbox! Hope to have it placed in the near future!

(My songs on Spotify, I-Tunes and others for listening or purchase). member of ASCAP

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Steven Samler
3 days ago to Randall Mark

Hi Randall.....I really appreciate the 5 stars on Song To The Sky. Thanks again for you support.

1 Replies
Randall Mark
3 days ago

Great song. Ur welcone

2 weeks ago to Randall Mark

Thank you Randall, for the stars on "Betrayal ~ with Trinity"; we appreciate your support!

1 Replies
Randall Mark
2 weeks ago

Ur welcome. Great song!

Bob Bentley
3 weeks ago to Randall Mark

Hi Randall,
Many thanks for the stars for Between The Earth and the Stars, always appreciated. This is the only song I've ever had officially released, didn't make any money though!!

1 Replies
Randall Mark
3 weeks ago

Cool song. Ur welcome.

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