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Nicki Love

Nicki Love has talent and maturity that surpasses her 27 year old life. Her life and journey are as unique as her music. Her lyrics can speak to everyone and be heard by everyone. Nicki's combination of thought-provoking clean lyrics, hot beats and memorable hooks make people want to move in all directions. Her inspiration, musical palette and influences range from R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Swing, Rock, Torch and New Age Electronica. Her music is not limited to a genre or trend; she believes creativity and innovation produce timeless music.

This artist currently has songs & lyrics banked that could be turned around quickly and economically for established artists, future film tracks, runway shows and commercials. Speak with her once and you will find out that she has a warm personality and humorous spirit that speaks sincerity while she is telling you about a long career she has planned. Nicki is a class act all the way and wants the opportunity to work within all levels in the entertainment industry.

Nicki?s professional performing experience has been centered on Florida & The Bahamas. She sang and traveled with a performance group throughout Central Florida doing Oldies where she performed solo to a crowd of 250-300 per night. In The Bahamas she routinely sang with the house bands at the tourist Hotels along Cable Beach under the stage name of Yasmine where she performed covers such as Mariah Carey.
Nicki?s focus started early as a result of her young and sobering life as an only child with a single parent. Life forced her to look deep within for motivation and self discipline. She also did something else that is unique, she utilized these opportunities to develop her talents, not so much concerned with the spotlight or partying, but rather producing quality music with her first real tool her voice.


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